Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think I have whiplash . . .

I got a call from a family law attorney last week, wanting to talk to me about a job. He’s a solo, but shares space with a bunch of other attorneys. His assistant has been with him a long time, but was injured some time ago in a really freak accident in the office and can’t work full time anymore. My boss and I have dealt with him on cases in the past, and he was always professional and pleasant to deal with. I like him, and it’s in family law which is where I’d really prefer to stay, but his office location is a real PITA to commute to. He did mention that the lease is up in January, so if he offers me the job, we’ll have to talk about whether he is thinking about moving.

And I got a call from my headhunter about a job that I originally interviewed for that day I was Running Around Town. They still haven’t filled that job, but told the headhunter they were worried about me being bored with the job because it’s not litigation. Anyway, they wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing a couple weeks temp to see how the job fit is. So I said ok, but no more than 2 weeks, tops. It’s a big firm with good benefits, great location, and in my pay range. So we’ll see how the 2 weeks works out, but I’ll still be going out on interviews, just in case.

Tool Man did get a sign made for the PDX Knit Bloggers meet up, but I forgot to get a picture of it in front of Knit-Purl.

The folks there were GREAT! Not only did they give us a great space to meet in, they had cookies and brownies and ice tea. Which they apparently whip up here:

And gifts of yarn and tote bags! They are everything you want in an LYS: great staff, yarn sorted by gauge, comfy chairs, good lighting, and a terrific assortment of yarns, patterns, and books. They also do on-line. So, go there and shop now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. After all, I now owe these folks, big time for their generosity!

The meet up on Sunday was TERRIFIC! I’d go into detail, except Judy, and Kathy, and MonicaPDX, and all the other bloggers did such great jobs that you can just go to their places and get the scoop (with pictures). Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Knitters tend to be a pretty smart bunch, but I gotta tell ya, a room full of knitting bloggers? Fricking hilarious! These people (yes, there was one boy knitter) are smart, funny, witty, and sharp as razors! I think I have whiplash from laughing with these wonderful folks. Examples? How about Kathy's, “If a knitter frogs in the night, does anyone hear her curse?” Someone, I don’t remember who, wondered aloud just how Zena’s hair would spin up if she could get enough of it without Kelly finding out? Theresa’s (sorry I didn't catch her blog name) story about the Brazilian boys in the apartment over hers and the rain in her apartment was hysterical! Barbara and I had comments about Theresa putting her yarn inside the socks on 2 circs that she was working toe up; oh wait, I can’t repeat that in mixed company. Let’s just say that, yes, male anatomical comparisons were made.

Back when we all went to see The Harlot, Barbara and Melissa told me that I needed to try spinning and tried to talk me into touching some roving. Luckily, Kathy came to my rescue and saved me from a fate worse than death. Then at the meet up, Judy (in that innocent voice she has) said, “Oh, look at this roving! Aren’t the colors great?” I got whiplash from trying to look around for my sponsor Kathy, but OH CRAP, she’s already gone! I tell Judy that I don’t spin, and she replies that I could do it with a drop spindle. I protested that I JUST CAN’T start spinning, it’s a rabbit hole I just can’t start on ‘cause I know I’ll be a goner if I try it. Then Judy replies (still in that innocent voice) that they sell spindles upstairs, how roving isn’t yarn and won’t count on my yarn diet, and she’d be happy to teach me to spin. I’m telling you, those spinners are worse than the drug dealers in the ‘70s. “Here, just try it once, you’ll like it.” Not that I’d know anything about drug dealers in the ‘70s, you understand. Just saying, is all.


  1. Bahahaaaa...."the first one's free!"

    That was such a great meet up! Thanks for putting this all together. You and Judy rock!

  2. Heh - see, we have to go to all the reports, 'cause everyone got different details! I didn't manage to get all the jokes in! ;) Excellent report, and nice to see a photo showing off the shop. Although drat on not getting a pic of hubby's great sign. (But Judy did, so whew.)

    And good grief, you're fighting spinning? Now, now. Come, let us talk. You simply don't understand. It is a peaceful, contemplative activity, full of calm and meditation.

    (Shhh, everyone. We won't go into the cussing involved at times, 'kay? Let's get her hooked first.) ::quickly smiling innocently as Bobbie looks suspicious::

  3. That truly was a great opportunity! Cant wait to do it again. I loved the opportunity to laugh and use the 'knitters' humor.'

  4. I fell in love with knit/purl when I visited PDX a few months back. I think I need to move there and come knit with you all!


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