Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ready . . . , Set . . ., GO!!!

Ok, so Barbara, MonicaPDX, Chrispy, Melissa, Judy, Cindy, Duffy, and Karen are not the only ones excited by OFFF!!! I've printed stickers for our shirts, made more blog cards, cleaned up the chairs, charged the batteries for the camera and phone, emptied the memory sticks for the camera, downloaded podcasts onto the MP3 player, wound big skeins of baby yarn into smaller balls for distribution (PREMIE HATS!!!), decided what to wear, washed out the thermos for tea, pulled stuff out of the pantry for snacks, rearranged the stash to make room for purchases, and strong-armed ToolMan into taking me to breakfast before OFFF (I told you, I get up EARLY). Now, what am I forgetting? Oh, yeah, knitting projects and money!

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  1. LOL...I started reading this, and went, "OHMIGAWD, is it Friday today?!"

    Then I double-checked the post header again and heaved a sigh of relief. Don't scare me like that, woman! [vbg] Thanks much for doing the stickers, and see you there!!


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