Sunday, December 23, 2007

The countdown is almost over . . .

I enjoy wearing a different one every day from December 1 to Christmas Day, so over the years I've collected quite a few. Here's the lineup for this year:

I really like the whimsical ones, and the jeweled ones,

and the enameled ones, and the vintage ones,

and the ones that were gifts, and the ones I bought, and especially the one that looks like Andy.

Speaking of Andy, he's turned into a pretty good knitting model:

That's the squishy scarf, finished; from cast on to bind off in two days. I'm reasonably satisfied with it; it's not too wide enough to cover my neck or tie over my head and just long enough to tuck inside my coat without being too bulky in the front. Lord knows I don't need anything too bulky "up front".

I think Andy particularly likes modeling scarfs and posing with WIPSs. Modeling hats? Not so much. Maybe Santa will bring me a head like Cindy's for Christmas.

After a few fits and starts, the ToolMan's socks are back on the needles.

I cast on using Judy's Magic Cast-On; it REALLY is the best for toe-up socks (and lots of other stuff, too). But first, I didn't like the way the brown was knitting up at a different thickness than the marl; so I frogged. Then I doubled the brown and didn't like the density of either fabric; so I frogged, again. Then I moved up a needle size and it was still too dense; and frogged, again. Up another needle size and like the fabric, but then it was too big around; so I frogged, again. Now, it's working into a nice fabric; the toes are smooth, then because ToolMan deemed his last pair as "droopy" and "floppy", I started a K2P1 ribbing on the instep and will continue it all the way up the leg.

I have to work Monday morning, but only until noon. Then I'll be home with ToolMan and Andy for our quiet Christmas Eve. We're going to have prime rib (ToolMan makes the BEST prime rib), watch Andy open his presents, and then settle down for a Christmas movie. Then on Christmas Day, we'll be going to SIL Faye and BIL Jim's house for Christmas dinner. We've gave up on the gift exchanges a few years ago; we all have everything we want and already have WAY TOO MUCH stuff as it is. Instead, we've opted to be "gift free" and just enjoy a good meal, good conversation, and the company of our family.

As we countdown to the end of the holiday and the end of the year, my holiday wish is that no matter where you are and no matter what your beliefs, that you have a warm, joyful holiday with your family and friends. THAT'S the best gift of all.

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