Sunday, February 3, 2008

Better late than never . . . .

Yeah, I know, no post last week. I don't really have any excuste except laziness. The long, dark days of a Pacific Northwet (and no, that's NOT a misspelling) Winter never bothered ToolMan and I until this year. For whatever reason, the long gloomy is starting to get to us and all we want to do is stay inside, where it's warm and dry. I did have a minor recurrence of the sarcoid flare, but prednisone and vicodin for few nights seem to have it beaten back into submission again; I think I was just to optimistic and stopped them too soon a couple weeks ago.
I got a lovely surprise last weekend; a call from my old boss and her partner, now living in Mexico! It was such a surprise to pick up the phone and hear her voice! Although the conversation was short, it was really nice to hear her voice and to hear that both of them are settling in and doing well.

Last week I started spinning some roving I bought last summer at OFFF from Aurora Colony Fiber Arts and plied it up this afternoon.

It's 4.2 ounces of Colonial Wool Top in the colorway "Burgundy Multi", although I'd be hardpressed to call this burgundy. It's more of a navy multi to me. I got 375 yards of 2-ply at 12 WPI. I plied it on the spinning wheel rather than the drop spindle like I did with "Bouncy" last week so the twist is much tighter and more even.
I did my usual routine of processing after it was plied: soaked in my big stainless steel bowl full of the hottest water I can get, with just a few drops of dishwashing detergent until it reaches room temperature (a good 45 minutes or so), then wring it out, rinse in room temp running water by alternately agitating and wringing the skein, then a final rinse in the coldest water I can get (out of the fridge dispenser) to shock the fibers, another final wringing, then out to the deck where I "thwack" the skein against the stairs. Lastly, I rotate the skein, hand over hand to even it out, then loop it over a plastic hanger and put it in the guest bathroom to drip dry.

I also finished test knitting the Yang Mao Bag from Sugar Apple Creations. This side is Yang, or obsession:

And this side is Mao, or wool:

The pattern was written by Anne Lukito of Sugar Apple Creations. She originally wrote the pattern with a chart for the character "Fu", or good fortune, on each side, but then added the two charts that I chose to knit. Anne's pattern instructions call for the bag to be blocked, stabilizer added to bottom and top rim, and lined with fabric and a drawstring top. Since I don't have to give the bag to Anne, after I email my comments to her, I'm going to felt it in the washing machine before I do anything else to it. After it's felted, I'll probably line it with an oriental print fabric and use it for a sock project bag or a knitting notions bag.

I have lots of the yarn left over and I'm thinking it would be cute knitted up and felted into mug cozies and coasters for office gifts next Christmas. Of course, when the time comes to actually think about next year's presents, I'll have forgotten my brilliant idea, used the yarn for something else or lost it in the stash bins, misplaced the patterns, and by the time I remember, find the yarn and the pattern, I will run out of time to actually do the knitting anyway. ;)

ToolMan and I spent the entire day inside today. Although neither of us cared one whit about the Super Bowl, other than the commercials, we had the pre-game and game on all afternoon. I plied yarn, finished the Yang Mao bag, started a new project with "Bouncy", and did laundry. ToolMan putzed in his garage and made a wonderful dinner.

A slow-roasted hunk of beef, tender enough to cut with your fork, with carrots and onions roasted in the pan, scallopped cabbage (or "scabbage" as my family calls it), and biscuits. By time for dinner, the house smelled wonderful! How lucky I am to have a husband who loves to cook!


  1. Yes you are! Beautiful spinning, too. I've awarded you the You Make My Day award. Details at my blog. Have a great gray day!

  2. Your bag will be ready for Chinese New Year. Or are your Kanji Japanese?

    Yes, ToolMan is a fabulous cook.


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