Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stuff that makes my day . . .

A couple weeks ago, StitchJones tagged me with a "You Make My Day" award. Then, last week, Shelly did the same. So, rather than just list the bloggers and people that make my day, I thought I'd list some of the stuff that "makes my day."

Like the Westside Wedneday SipNStitch group:

From left to right: Angela, Kathleen, Cindy, Karen, and Duffy. We usually also have Judy and Kerin, but they missed "picture night" (otherwise known as, "the one time I remembered to bring my camera").

These gals never fail to "make my day" every Wednesday.

You know what else "makes my day"? Yarn shops. Local yarn shops, to be specific.

On Saturday morning, a bunch of us rendevoused at the new yarn shop in town, Yarnia.

Yarnia is the brain child of Lindsay Ross. Lindsay found a similar shop in Montreal and decided that we needed one on this side of the border.

See those pretty cones of yarn that Linday is selling? Well, those aren't just any old yarns, nosirrebob! Those are "custom" yarns.

Imagine: a local yarn shop that makes yarn "to order." Lindsay has done the leg work of finding suppliers for single ply cones in various fibers, colors, and textures.

Like these shelves frull of wool, angora, and mohair.

Or these shelves full of silks and synthetics.

You pick out single plys by color, texture, fiber, etc. By whatever "makes your day" at that particular moment.

Then Lindsay uses her yarn making machine to turn those single plies into your very own custom, just for you, none other like it in the world, yarn.

Needless to say, this concept totally "makes my day."

Apparently, the PDX Knit Bloggers thought so, too.

And just in case inspiration doesn't strike, or you become too overwhelmed by the choices, Lindsay wisely has cones of already made yarn ready for the buying.

She even has chairs, coffee, small snacks, and a vase full of knitting needles to keep you occupied while she makes your yarn for you. Her inventory is limited right now; heck, she's only been open two weeks! But she tells us that she intends to expand her inventory as funds allow.

I bought two cones of singles, and didn't ask Lindsay to ply them for me. For handspinners, Yarnia is a fabulous source of inspiration. And lace knitters would be over the moon at the fine silks and kid mohair.

One is a silk boucle in autumn colors that I intend to ply with some of the wine-colored bamboo left over from the "Sweater from Hell." The other is a wool/rayon blend in navy, pink, orange, red that I intend to knit as is into a shawl.

After shopping, the PDXKB gang needed sustenance. So off we trotted to Berlin Inn. Hey, shopping's hard work; we needed protein!

When we walked in and told them we were a party of 8, they gave us our own room! Yep, that's the whole room!

Kerin loves her some bacon. So much so that she wanted to wear it like bunny ears. Bacon makes her day!

MonicaPDX and Duffy were far too ladylike to be playing with their food. Nope, they just stabbed it, dunked it cheese, and ate it. No matter what it was.

Did I mention that ToolMan was the chauffer for this trip? Any man that will drive a van full of crazed knitters around to shop for yarn is definitely someone who "makes my day." In fact, he's been "making my day" for almost 20 years!

While riding in the car and waiting for lunch, I knitted on a scarf made from the handspun "Bouncy" from Butternut Woolens. Making handspun and knitting handspun always "make my day."

Andy Rooney (our substitute child) was glad to see us home. Having a warm, fuzzy boy waiting for us at home "makes my day."

What's not to love about a boy that models handknits?

Today, my friend Maryanne came over for brunch. Since the old office closed, we haven't been able to get together nearly as much as we would like, even though we live only a few blocks apart. Seeing her "made my day." Now, if I could just get her to stop that silly quilting and take up knitting. That would really "make my day"!


  1. Oh that Yarnia looks like an awesome store! It would make my day too :)

  2. Your Butternut Woolens handspun knitted into that scarf makes my day. Too bad you can't feel how nice and squishy it is from the picture!

  3. Great pics! Yarnia looks like quite the place. I'm glad you all had fun and I was thinking of you while tending my dyepots. :)

  4. But where IS Yarnia??? I wanna go there too! I love the concept!


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