Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring, sprang, sprung, sproing . . .

The Wednesday Westside group has sprung from just a few into many . . .

In fact, they've taken over the largest part of Starbucks. And they've started converting muggles.

Like this man who questioned Duffy for quite some time about the mechanics of her spinning wheel. And the woman who questioned me when I was taking pictures; she wanted to know if anyone in the group would be interested in knitting hat/scarf/mitten sets for her to give as Christmas gifts.

A couple of new knitters got a personal lesson in Judy's Magic Cast On from Judy herself.

Kathleen sprang these new point protectors on me:

We actually weren't sure if they were hedgehogs or dogs. So we dubbed them, "hedgedogs".

Cindy declared that "Spring" was also known as "mating season" and had the video to prove it.

She can't be trusted with animals, that one.

The calendar says it's well into Spring, but apparently somebody forgot to reset the weather clocks. Here's "Un-Spring in Portland" so far this year:

Yes, those white things flying past the window were SNOWFLAKES. On March 28. Now, I ask you: What's wrong with that picture?

In fact, it was so Un-Spring in Portland, that our Receptionist Extraordinaire wore my favorite sweater to work,

although she insists on taking it home and keeping it in her closet. This photo really doesn't do the color justice; its a lovely persimmon tweed, with bits of gold, brown, and mossy green in it.

Although it's a "store bought" sweater, I really love this design. The "bodice" part is knit sideways with cables on a reverse stockinette background, then the "yoke" is picked up along the edges and worked in decreasing reverse stockinette to the neck, and the sleeves and body are picked up from the other side and knit down to the hem in a wide ribbing. And the hems are turned with one row of purl to make a crisp edge. Brilliant construction! I've been telling her for months that I wanted my sweater back, but I had to settle for pictures so I could dissect the pattern.

By the end of the day, the skies had cleared (although it's still cold as a well digger's arse outside). I trudged home and found this waiting for me in the mailbox:

Beautiful fiber from the inimitable Barbara in Arizona. Again, the picture really doesn't do them justice; these are blends of pinks, corals, and rose colors. And there are little sparkly bits in there, too. And they are the softest thing you've ever felt. Except for these:

A little tiny bag of "Oh my god this is soft!" sproingy locks dyed in brilliant purples and pinks.

These are the perfect cure for Un-Spring in Portland.


  1. Oh sure, it's all fun and games until one morning there's eight or ten little purple balls laying next to "Mama Hedgedog".

  2. What pretty roving! Ok, that does it, I'm going to pick up some undyed roving today and give dyeing it a try. I'm so afraid of accidentally felting it, please pray for me. :)

    "colder than a well digger's arse"--lol! But yeah, yesterday I froze. Sheesh, what is up with this weather?!

  3. I am so glad you like the batts. I was hoping that the colors would be what you wanted.

    The kid mohair locks are amazingly soft - I blended a little with some silk the other day and spun it up - oooh like quicksilver thru my fingers. There may be a little vm in those - I found some in the ones I spun - but it flicked out fairly easily.

  4. Snow? March 28th? Hmm, you are discouraging me from moving up there.
    That cardigan looks kinda sorta like that Lion Cable Sweater I've been meaning to start on for a while now. I feel like someone had a cardigany like pattern for it. Maybe this one?


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