Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spinning in place . . .

Remember those bobbins of bright green from a couple of weeks ago? Well, I got two of them plied up yesterday.

Would you look at the size of that skein? Eight ounces! On one honkin' big bobbin - so no knots! Lemme tell 'ya, I am SO glad I got the plying head with the new Lendrum wheel. This is only half of this color roving, and I have another pound of a darker green, as well.

I bought this at OFFF last year from Ronnie's Handspun. It languished in the Stash Room since last fall because I thought it was too coarse to be anything but a cardigan or something felted. But now that it's been spun, plied, and given a nice soak, it is unbelievably soft and squishy.

Unfortunately, I found out that Ronnie passed away suddenly last Friday, from a heart attack. I had hoped to buy more from her at OFFF this year. She had such beautiful big braids of kettle-dyed roving last year, and at excellent prices. And she had a great sense of color. I mean, just look at that green!

It reminds me of new grass, fresh asparagus, and just-squeezed limeade. ToolMan says it's the color of Kermit.

Speaking of the Stash Room, Kathleen says she's insanely jealous of someone who has a Stash Room and wanted to see pictures of it. So here's a little tour of my own personal Bat Cave.

In our guest room, there's a small-size door into a small-size room,

Which is guarded by assorted goblins and monsters.

Actually, "Stash Room" is also the off-season repository for my assorted holiday decorations. Hey, where else would you store a witch who can't fly straight?

But it does also store my yarn and fiber,

in assorted plastic bins, bags, and cardboard boxes.

What space hasn't been taken up for fiber-related storage, gets taken up by extra comforters, appliances used only once a year, and camping equipment used even less frequently.

I take no responsibility for that singing fish plaque. It was a "gift" at the white elephant exchange at last year's office Christmas Party. And it's going back again this year. Unless one of my dear readers wants it. If you do, let me know; I'll gladly pass it on to you.

Oh, yeah, and I got some knitting done, this week, too!

Not much, to show, but this is slow-going work. It's gotten wide enough that I can only get 2 or 3 rows done each way on MAX. And then only when I get a seat with enough room to actually knit. With the price of gas going up exponentially, so has the number of riders on Tri-Met.

Just a simple leaf pattern, but the feel of the Bambu and the wine color make it really luxurious feeling.

And last, but not least (no, I haven't forgotten my promise to blog this, Monica), a pair of socks in progress. I was working on these last month, when the Harlot was in town, but Monica and Heide stopped me from starting my perverse heels until I can blog them. As you see, they are both now up to the heel part, so I intend to knit, photograph and blog the method over Memorial Day weekend.

And who says you need two circs to do socks two at a time?


  1. Perverse heels? Are they to go with the Cruel Shoes?

  2. that is a beautiful green handspun! And I'm also "green" with envy that you have a room just for yarn and fiber. My 17 y/o doesn't *really* need her own room, does she??

  3. Wow, that green yarn is gorgeous!

  4. The green yarn is absolutely stunning! The only things missing from your fiber room are a skylight and a comfy chair. That way you could actually hide out in there... sorry, I'm always trying to escape interruptions. THe shawl is gorgeous, as are the socks. I have that yarn down on my "To buy" list. The MAX is wonderful and I wish Washington State could get its act together to create mass transit as efficient.

  5. Hahahah! Laughing at Duffy. I thought of the Cruel Shoes, too. (I hope that doesn't mean we're showing our age!)

    That green is FABULOUS!

    I hope you're feeling 100% now and enjoying this weather.

  6. It's true, I am jealous of that room. Plus, I like Heidi's idea. I would just add a TV with a marathon showing of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

    That green handspun is gorgeous. I'm amazed at the quantity that you can spin on your new wheel.


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