Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Countdowns Begin

I'm determined to use up my "mass produced" yarns before the end of the year. After all, I have to make room for all the hand spun I've been cranking out and for all the fiber I intend to bring home from OFFF this year.

Most of what I'm knitting will be for Christmas presents; after all, it's only this many days until Christmas. So, I finished the Asherton Scarf and a tam to match. I really did intend this to go into the Christmas present pile. But then I tried it on.

I've let my hair grow out and have it in a short bob now and I like the way the tam sits with the new haircut. But why did I wait until it was 80 degrees outside to try these on???

Why are you wearing that hat and scarf in the middle of summer? Any why don't I get hand-knitted stuff to wear?

The pattern is from, "Three Tams", and was a fun, quick knit. This is the last of the three patterns listed, but I'm going to do the other two, too. Here's a better picture of the brim and back.

And the obligatory picture of the inside; just a nice as the outside.

I also finished a simple cowl.

I didn't use a pattern; I just casted on a bunch of stitches (200, I think), did two rows of purl, 2 rows of knit, 2 rows of purl to separate drop stitch rows and k2tog, yo rows.

I'm going to make another tam to go with this; actually, I casted on for it today while watching the Olympic Trials for diving and gymnastics. I think I'll twist the leftover blue into cords to lace through the yo holes so it will match the hat.

ToolMan liked the fair isle tam and said he'd like an argyle one for winter. I'm thinking this one would be perfect. It's not really an argyle, but I wonder how many people would notice. I might have to put aside the Christmas knitting, since Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up before then. Hmmm, that might make a good project for the Knitting Olympics. Avast, mateys! I'll be doin' me pirate knitting for the Olympics! Arrr!

I'd totally wear one of these, if you'd make it for me, Mom.

I'm tellin' you when nobody's around, that dog talks up a blue streak!


  1. Love the tam and scarf set. The tam is wayyy beautiful. And the pirate hat - oh my god! A lot of work but sooo cool! Lucky Tool Man

  2. The hat and scarf are just lovely! I really admire your talent being able to knit like that. Thanks for posting the pics!

    I'll be at OFFF too.. haven't missed a year since the first one~!

  3. Sounds like fun.


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