Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another one bites the dust

That's right, another FO has been added to the Christmas present pile! I finished up Lillehammer while watching music videos this afternoon. No, I wasn't watching old Queen videos, I stumbled across a show called "Crossroads" on CMT. The show takes a country music star and an artist or group from another genre and puts them together to talk, share stories, and perform each other's music. First on today's episodes was Robert Plant and Alison Krause, followed by an episode with Maroon 5 and Sara Evans. It was really interesting to hear them interpret the other guest's music. Apparently, the show has been on awhile since he website lists dozens of shows; and you can watch back episodes on the website.

I managed to talk ToolMan into modeling the hat for me, even though it wasn't completely dry when I made him put it on.

It's really not that pointed on the top; I pulled it up to show off the pattern better. The bright green yarn for the stripe is slightly thicker than the black and white and it made the brim roll up; I think with blocking, it will even out, but I ran some elastic thread around the inside of the ribbing just to make sure.

This pattern is supposed to be gender neutral, but it strikes me as being masculine, so I'll be searching for a scarf pattern to go with it. Maybe a reversible cable in black? I'll have to go search Ravelry to see what I can find.

Even though I didn't sign up for Le Tour de Fleece this year, I have been spinning. I joined the "Ten Minutes a Day" spinning group on Ravelry and have indeed been spinning for a while each evening. In fact, I have three bobbins with Blue Moon's Sheep to Shoe in Rooster Rock.

This was one of the "oops" that I bought at the Destashing Sale last fall. (Has it really been nearly seven months ago?) It spins up into alternating sections of dark, saturated colors and lighter neutrals. I still have another bobbin to spin but I really want to see how it plies up. I think I'll wait to see what it wants to be until after I ply it.


  1. Ohhhh sooo pretty! You are so good with the colorwork!

  2. I just can't wait until
    Monday morning to read your blog,
    and see what you are doing. Your
    Mom told me about your sight.


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