Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . . .

I missed posting last Sunday as I usually do, but there was an enormous ball of fire in the sky and it caused so much heat that I nearly burst into spontaneous combustion. Really!
It was just too darned hot and humid to even think about spending more than 5 seconds next to any heat-producing object like a stove or a computer. ToolMan and I, when we did eat, ate only cold meals for 3 days. It was so hot that ToolMan didn't go work in his garage and I didn't knit or spin.

I know that some of you live in parts of the world where it gets very hot and very humid and therefore you have no sympathy for a bunch of wimpy people in the Pacific Northwest who complain when the temperature is 102 and the humidity is 30%. If you're one of those people who live in a climate that regularly reaches those temperatures, then I salute you because I just don't know how you do it.

I did get that pair of socks done while commuting, but I don't have pictures. They're just plain self-striping yarn, worked toe-up, with 2x2 ribbing so they're not really all that exciting to look at, anyway. I'm still slogging away on The Blob, which is looking more blob-like every day so I haven't bothered to take pictures of that. And I've cranked out 2 plain ole' garter stitch scarves for the Christmas present box, but what's to look at when it's just miles and miles of garter stitch?

I did get one (OK, most of one) bobbin of singles spun on the Country Craftsman last week before somebody left the furnace blaster open. The poor old CC was starting to feel neglected; I hadn't spun on it since the Lendrum came to live with us. But I'm taking the CC to Artisan's Village at the Oregon State Fair for the next two weekends, so ToolMan got her all dusted, cleaned, oiled and greased for me last week. I've gathered up fiber samples to talk about, and I've started gathering up all the tools and gadgets to take along; I've got my combs and diz, roving and sliver, ballwinder and reel, drop spindles, extra string for drive band, oil and rags, and WPI gauge and scissors. I made a list last week and have been adding to it, but I'll probably leave something terribly important at home anyway. I love to spin in public, so I'm really looking forward to spinning at the fair, but I think ToolMan is even more excited than I am. He's even charged up the battery and I've emptied the memory chip for the camera. Now, if we can just remember to take it with us.

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  1. the way we survive down here in "hell" is to pay for climate control.

    That's right - AC house, AC car, AC job and so on.

    I will go into the outside briefly to jump in the pool - but that's the extent of it.

    See you soon at OFFF.


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