Monday, September 8, 2008

*tink* *tink* Is this thing on?

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth; I just don't know where the time went!

The second weekend of the State Fair was pretty much same as the first, except we rallied the troops and had fiber, yarn, rugs, other things to fill up the booth. Lots more folks stopped by over the Labor Day weekend; people were taking advantage of the long weekend and cool weather (and staying close to home thanks to gas prices). The only bad part of the weekend was the occasional deluge of rain, but the temps were perfect. I even had a couple friends and a former co-worker stop by to visit!

I did get lots of the Incredible Hulk spun at the Fair, but there's still a lot left, too. My only prerequisite for buying fiber from now is that it NOT be green. I'm determined to make it through this stuff, if for no other reason than I'm sick of looking at it. So sick of looking at it that I think I might have StitchJones over dye it for me; maybe add some browns and blues to kill the green.

And now that the Fair is over, I'm going to put the Country Craftsman up for sale. It was a great wheel to learn on and it spins wonderfully and it certainly is beautiful, but the old girl just can't compete with the Lendrum and it's multiple ratios and it's portability. Time for it to move on to another spinner, or want-to-be spinner.

And I have been knitting but I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I had several scarves knit to go in the Christmas present box; a lovely pink mohair, a bright multi-colored bamboo, a lovely navy merino/silk blend, and a wispy teal in Shibui sock yarn. All of which went home with darling daughter-in-law when they came over for dinner on Labor Day. Come December, I'll remind her that she already got her fair share of the hand knits!

Oh, and I did get a hat knitted out of some bulky multi-blue merino; which was tried on, declared it to be perfect for wearing in the garage this winter, and promptly appropriated by ToolMan. And I mean promptly; it was tried on, and stashed in his coat closet within minutes of the ends being woven in!

And The Blob is still being knit on; actually, the end is in sight on that one. I only have 14 rows left (but they're BIG rows) so I only get about 3 rows a night done. I'm trying to get it knit up so I can do the sewing up and blocking next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, that's the TKGA Conference here in Portland. WHOO HOO! My tickets came in the mail this week, along with my name tag, raffle ticket for a doorprize, and a ticket to turn in for my goodie bag from Coats & Clark (I'm hoping for some of their new yarns to try out). I'm not taking any classes; I'm saving money for OFFF, but I will be taking my camera so my next post should be much prettier to look at!

Oops, it's past my bedtime, and the dog needs to go out before we hit the hay. See you next week!

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