Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas

We're still pretty much immobile here in the Pacific Northwest as the temperature remained below freezing, but the good news is that we didn't add to the accumulation today! The forecast for tomorrow however, says that we'll reach a high of about 32 and we'll get snow, rain, and snow. In that order. There is no doubt that we'll definitely have a white Christmas.

Dave said he liked the pictures of the evergreens, so here's another one. The area where we live, Orenco, back in the 1800's was a "company town" for The Oregon Nursery Company. The company eventually went bankrupt, and the company owned homes sold to workers. Many of the evergreen trees, including some Giant Sequioas, remain where they were planted a hundred years ago. The village, never incorporated, retained it's shortened name for the company and became know as "Home of the Big Trees." Lest you doubt it, that townhome peaking through the trees is 3 stories high. And those aren't the Sequoias; they're just plain ol' Western Red Cedars.

Unfortunately, none of those big trees were in the area where our neighborhood was built, but we do have lots of big trees surrounding us.

We've been trapped in the house since last Saturday, because the snow/ice was so deep we couldn't get out of our driveway. ToolMan tried valiantly to get out of yesterday, to no avail. Our next door neighbor, Kevin, must have seen him because later, we looked out to see this:

Notice that Kevin's driveway, just to the left of ours, has not been shoveled. I decided that young man needed a special thank you, so I pulled out this from my stash and whipped up a top-down ribbed hat for him. When I took it next door, I had to leave it with his wife, Michelle. Kevin was in his 4-wheel drive on his way to Newburg (about 20 miles!) to his brother and family, who couldn't get out to do grocery shopping. I think he's trying to make sure he's on Santa's "Good List"!


  1. Awww, Kevin's a great neighbor!

    DH and eldest dug out the van today. Chains do not guarantee the ability to get out of a parking spot facing uphill! Our neighbor helped them push; they had just finished when I got home from the walk to Fred Meyer.

    Stay safe and warm!

  2. Bless Kevin's heart! Although one of my neighbors has a strapping 20-year-old (unemployed, no school, nothing but video games all day), I shoveled my own driveway. Unfortunately, the rest of my little "street" is solid packed ice from two neighbors going in and out in their 4WD vehicles. So even if I brave taking the car out of the garage, there's no guarantee I could make it to the "main" street, so I haven't tried.

    I may end up asking one of the 4WD neighbors to take me to the store!

  3. Blessings on you and many blessings on that Kevin! It takes a good neighbor to have a good neighbor. Wish you had gotten a photo of the hat.

    Stay warm and safe, and have a happy holiday.


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