Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Anonymous

I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I'm sorry you have no idea what actually happened at Westside Wednesday because you weren't there. I'm sorry you've never joined any of our events or bothered to introduce yourself to any of the members. I'm sorry you feel like you have the right to be catty and rude in public to people that you don't know. And I'm really sorry, but not surprised, that you chose to hide your nasty little comment behind "Anonymous".

I do not think a group of over 150 members can be "cliquish", especially when the group is open enrollment, no permission is needed to join the group, there are no membership fees, and no roll is taken. All the yarn events and knit nights posted through the PDX Knit Bloggers are open to anyone who wants to attend. That's the reason the events and get-togethers are all posted on the calendar in the group site: they're open to all. You can join in the conversation or not, read as many or as few blogs as you wish, and join in events and knit nights or not. Like any other group, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. However, you wouldn't understand that concept, because as you stated, you've never bothered to attend any events, join in any of the knit nights, or introduce yourself to any of us.

One of the great things about open enrollment groups is that no permission is need to join the group, or to leave it. Which I really wish you would do. You haven't participated, therefore you will not be missed. Of course, if you do choose to exit the group, as a Group Owner, I'll be notified when you leave and you won't be "Anonymous" anymore.


  1. Wow, our team has taken a couple hard jabs today! Bobbie, I am so glad you are our Duchess of Protocol. Folks who can't seem to get over themselves or act all butthurt if we don't immediately fawn over them or read their minds, well, they probably don't play well with others and perhaps it would be best if they stayed home. ;P

  2. So why did they pick you to post their mean message on your blog? You weren't the only one that blogged about the day.

    Heck, anyone who comes to a Wednesday night finds themselves welcomed.

    Sara was bummed that she wasn't able to make it this last week and is really looking forward to coming next week. *She* had never made it to a knit night but was welcomed into the group on the yarn crawl and enjoyed it and the people so much *that's* why she wants to come to knit nights. She was worried about the baby and her daughter coming and people not wanting that. Her 6 year old daughter knits though and we saw how well the baby did at an all day event.

  3. Dear Anonymous, I invite you to come to a Wednesday night gathering. You don't have to say you're the one who commented.

    I wouldn't drive 12 miles across town at rush hour every Wednesday if the group wasn't welcoming. At first glance it can be intimidating because we know each other and can be boisterous and loud. But we are also welcoming and encourage any level of knitter, spinner, and crocheter. There are a few of us who are quiet and retire to the edges when it gets too rowdy.

    Try us out. You have nothing to lose.

  4. My initial comment was pretty flippant and thoughtless. I, too, would welcome and support a yarn and fiber lover of any experience level to our group who is willing to join us.

  5. I have already posted my comments on the PDXKB board about this basic subject. I can understand when people feel overwhelmed when approaching a new group. I am, however, scratching my head about the Anonymous post made here. Joining a group requires a kind welcome by existing members and a little courage by potential members to join in. I love meeting knitters/crocheters/crafters .... and I really love seeing their projects. I really hope that the person who came to Haggen gives us a second chance. I would also hope that Anonymous would join us at some point to learn what we are all about. I don't mind if someone doesn't like me after meeting me. Hey, to each his own. However, please don't make a generalization about a large group of people without spending some time getting to know us.


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