Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweater Weather

The weather has been unseasonably cold in Portland the last couple of weeks. We've had an East wind blowing and that always means cold weather here. The cold comes down from Canada, hits the Columbia River Gorge and blows right down into Portland. It's been so cold, that I've knit two sweaters this week!

Actually, I need to put something in the picture for scale. Here, how's this?

I got tired of the little raglans knit from left-over sock yarns, so I decided to knock out a couple of little mini-Arans. I think I'm going to do several of these for a door wreath for next year. We've been using the same Christmas wreath on our door for several years so the little wrapped packages and fake berries are starting to look a little ragged. I think several of these on the wreath with a knitted bow will say "A knitter lives here!"

I keep an empty box in the guest room, ready to toss in things going to Goodwill. Yesterday, the box was full so it was time to make an "exchange." I drop off a box full and try my best not to bring home an equal amount of stuff. I always check the book shelves (I've bought several old craft and knitting books there) and the men's sweaters (for ones that can be recycled into yarn). Here's part of the bounty:

Those skeins on the bottom are from a man's XXL Aran that I bought last year to recycle; the tag said 100% wool, hand knit in Ireland. It was obviously worn because it was filthy dirty, but no felting and no pilling. After raveling and a nice long soak, it's much softer than it was before; I'm not sure it had ever been washed. On top there is my real score; a man's XL in 100% cashmere, hand knit in China. There's a little pull on the bottom ribbing, but otherwise in great shape. This one, I'll wear through the cold spell then ravel in the spring. I'll get tons of lace weight out of this and it'll make a beautiful shawl for spring. The best part? It was $7!

This was the other find of the day; a man's XXL Woolrich sweater in green heather. No felting, no pills, no stains, and just over a pound of lambswool - all for $7. The inside of the hems are in navy blue, which will make a nice headband or accent on some mittens or a hat.

ToolMan wore his new driving cap to Westside Wednesday; we both got lots of compliments on it! Our son wants one like it, so I've decided to write a new pattern with my modifications. I had several people at Westside Wednesday try it on and volunteer to be test knitters for me because they want one for themselves. This is a hat that looks as good on women as it does men; just ask Duffy, she tried to keep it after she tried it on for a picture! I want to do another one to write the pattern for commercial yarn, then send it out to the test knitters, and make up a final to enter in the Washington County Fair in July. After that, I think I'll publish the pattern for sale.

I've also gotten some spinning done this week. I finished one bobbin of Romney Cross that Kathleen brought me from New Zealand. The fiber is a lovely natural reddish brown; I think it might become the driving cap for our son, or maybe the one for the county fair.

Someone on Ravelry asked if I'd start posting pictures of some of my hedgies, so here are a couple to start. There are two up there behind the scale holding the sweater. Here are two of my favorites, both Royal Doulton. First, Mrs. Tiggywinkle:

And her partner, Old Mr. Pricklepin:

Any wonder why I picked these for the first ones?

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  1. What a splendid score on yarns! Once I get the stash down to managable size, I'll have to start doing that. Yeah, someone else to fight with at Goodwill. I'll hit the one in Oregon City since I'm out there to work at the college every week.


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