Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Final Numbers

Here are the final numbers for the reclaimed yarn:

First, the aran weight lamb's wool: This started as a man's extra large aran sweater, rescued from Goodwill. Cost was $3.49 (it was 1/2 price day for the tag color on this sweater). Washed, raveled, and reskeined, it yielded 1,626 yards of aran weight yarn in the traditional off white.

And the wool/nylon blend in khaki heather: This started as a man's extra large pullover, very densely knit, rescued from Goodwill. Cost: $6.99. Washed, raveled, and skeined it yielded 1,880 yards of very soft fingering weight yarn in a khaki/off white marl.

Next up, dryer balls!

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  1. Score! What a deal! So, whatcha gonna knit with it?


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