Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things that do not go together . . .

Kids, white carpet, and playdough.

Swimsuit season, South Beach diet, and the local doughnut shop.

Teenagers, beer, and a drivers license.

Movie stars, paparazzi, and the right to privacy.

Alpaca fleece, my stash, and fleas.


  1. Me, lace knitting, midnight.

    Sorry about your fleece!!

  2. How do fleas feel about mothballs? How do you feel about mothballs? The alpaca could come and live with me. I LIKE mothballs and other toxic chemicals.

    (How about three weeks in a meat locker at sub-zero temps to kill the fleas? Works on moths.)

  3. Oh, no! Fleas are really hard to get rid of. You have my heartfelt sympathy.
    (I had them in some wool, a few years back. Argh! Finally had to resort to many cans of flea spray. Nasty nasty stuff.)

  4. One word FREEZER!

  5. Roxie, I don't think your neighborhood is zoned for an alpaca...or, just the fleece. Never mind.
    Freezer sounds good. Can't do that with the cats.
    In future, pennyroyal oil and orange peel sachets? Both are alleged to have anti-flea qualities, and orange minty scented alpaca sounds kind of nice.


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