Monday, May 25, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

My weekend started early, with a surprise in the mail! A mysterious package arrived on our doorstep this week, addressed to me, but with an unfamiliar return address. Inside was a beautiful quilted tea cozy from Roxie!

I don't know just how she knew the colors to go with my decor, or the size to fit my great-grandmother's teapot, or just how she found my address since I didn't give it to her, but she was spot on all three! She's a pretty smart cookie, that Roxie is!

Saturday was spent running errands after our traditional weekend breakfast out. We've recently found a new place for breakfast; Maxwell's Pub & Grill on 185th at Baseline. Good food at very reasonable prices; breakfast for both of us, with drinks was under $15! The only drawback is that they don't open until 9, which really hasn't been a problem for us lately; we've both learned to sleep late in the last year.

Sunday was spent at SIL Faye and BIL Jim's new home in Our Vancouver. We give them a hard time about subjecting us to interstate travel to visit them now, but it really is less than half the distance from where they lived in Sandy. Niece Jane built the house next to her mom and dad, so we get to visit with her when we drive up there. BIL Myron and SIL Joan came up from West Linn for the day, too. We all spent the day out on the patio, talking, catching up on family goings-on, and trading places in and out of the sun. I took my wheel and got some spinning done. I finished one bobbin of StitchJones' "Earth Angel"; I split it into 4 lengths, intending to make a 2-ply lace weight with it.

Then, I went back to the yak/merino blend that gave me such fits a couple weeks ago. I must have been more relaxed, because this time the long-draw came very easily and I finished spinning the entire 8 ounces in about two hours! I'm going to let this rest on the bobbins for awhile before I ply it. It should come out nicely woolen spun, probably sport or worsted weight. I don't know what it will be knitted into yet, but whatever it is will be really soft!

Today, ToolMan and I stayed home and puttered around the yard a bit. I scrubbed a winter's worth of moss and dirt off the table and chairs on the deck; ToolMan power washed the front stoop, trimmed limbs off the maple tree, moved some hooks for the bird bath and mobile, and repaired a solar light. When the chairs were dry, we sat out on the deck with a couple of friends

and enjoyed the view. The grass suffered last year, when we had all the reconstruction going on, but as long as we have Andy Rooney using the back yard, there's little hope of it recovering.

We cranked out the awning, took our cold beverages out on the deck, and enjoyed the great weather while I cranked on a knitting project.

Yep, another Clapotis! This one is in my hand spun; made from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts: 8 ounces of superwash Merino combed top, an Oops! dye of Rooster Rock that I got at Tina's first de-stashing sale. I'll have more than enough for a Clapotis, but I don't know what I'll do with the remainders. Maybe a pair of gloves to go with it?


  1. I got lucky! So glad you like it. It was such fun to make.

    Gorgeous spinning!

  2. Awwwww - love your little friends on the deck!
    Such pretty spinning! I have so much lovely fiber that I want to be spinning, that I'm starting to wish I could spin on a couple of wheels at once.
    (Hmmmm.... If I learn long-draw... One wheel per foot... Hmmmm....)


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