Sunday, June 7, 2009

Short 'n Sweet

ToolMan's surgery went very well. He's complaining a bit about his eye feeling scratchy but otherwise, all is well. He is able to do without glasses most of the time, so far needing them only to read.

I'm still slogging along on the Clapotis. Since my hand spun is lighter weight than the pattern calls for, I'm making it a bit longer and wider, but I'm down to the decrease rows and will probably have it as an FO for next week's post.

I'm still spinning on Sharon's Earth Angel; I started the third bobbin today at Spinnerati.

Speaking of Spinnerati, this weekend was our monthly meeting. Much smaller this time, but what fun! We met in the South Park Blocks downtown. The turnout wasn't great, probably because it was Sunday morning and because the forecast was a bit iffy.

I got there early and was setting up when a woman on the other side of the park pointed at the object I had (my Lendrum) and said, "Is that a sewing machine?" I replied that no, it was a spinning wheel. She asked "What do you do with it?" and I replied that I was part of a group that meets to spin yarn. "So you get together and make quilts! How nice!"

Pretty soon, Angela (Girly With a Twist) and Rachel (trtlgrlcrafts), still with trtlbby, were there.

Angela bought one of these cup holders for her Joy; Rachel must have been jealous that they don't make one for the Ashford Traveler so she and her DH came up with a version of their own.

OK, so it might not be as "elegant" as the ones on Etsy, but it works! They used an old bobbin which was missing one end to make a platform for the bottom of the cup so it slides down on the metal post on her wheel. Pretty crafty!

Melissa (knitfemme) brought the Journey Wheel and was treadling along fine until disaster struck.

Rachel and I took the end down the park and untangled it while Melissa treadled it back on so not a single fiber was lost.

We got several people who stopped to look at our wheels, ask questions, or ask what we were doing. One of the Portland Walking Tour groups came through the Park Blocks and stopped to ask what we were doing. One lady walked up and said, "Well I see Lendrums and Joys, but I don't know what these are", pointing to the Rachel's Ashford Traveler and the Journey Wheel. She said she only spins a little so we tried, unsuccessfully, to lure her in but she was with friends on the way to church services. I was going to take a picture of the group, but a passerby kindly offered to take one of all of us.

Left to right: Rachel, Angela, me, Duffy (fiberqat) in back, Melissa in front, and Melinda (gldelx). Melinda says "gldelx" is pronounced "Goldilocks". I think it's "Girl Deluxe".

Next week is WWKIP, so it'll be a long post. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. Oooooooh! Spinning in a park with friends looks like the ultimate fun! How lucky for you that you can do that.
    I've heard tell of a group that has a spinning get-together once a month, not too far from here. I'm going to try to get up there one of these days.


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