Sunday, August 23, 2009

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Remember the sweater I started way back when? The one I dragged around Sock Summit and the hospital and then back to work? It's done, been blocked, and been worn! Here it is on the day I wore it to work.

It's a simple top-down, round yoke cardigan. I started the yoke in garter, then put in a few rows of stockinette, a few more rows of garter, a few more of stockinette, a final single purl row on the right side and moved to all stockinette by the time I divided for sleeves. I did put on 10 rows of garter on the sleeves and bottom hem to prevent rolling. I also added garter button bands and found cute pink and orange buttons to pick up the colors in the yarn. Although it doesn't look like it in the picture, the pink in the sweater is the exact same color as my top, which is sleeveless and just a tad too low cut for the office. The sweater covers up the decolletage and my arm flaps so now I can wear this top to the office.

One of my co-workers, Katie, said her mother spins and had goats; I told her to give her mom the info to join the PDX Knit Bloggers and Portland Spinnerati and let her know that she is welcome to join us anytime. Well, it turns out Katie's mom owns Applebright Farm Pygoras and she very kindly sent me this sampler!

If those cute little goaties don't charm you, their fiber certainly will! All of the fiber is very soft and clean and the blends are just gorgeous. The little sample at the top is "Kona", a luscious pure white pygora that, I swear, is as fine as the cashmere samples I got from Judith McKenzie McCuin at Sock Summit.

I swore I'd take this to Westside Wednesday so the gals can get a feel of it before OFFF. I'm doing my darnedest to keep from spinning it all right away!
And I have been spinning. I finished and plied all the grey Jacob and about half of the gold/orange/green locks from Meg. I also spun singles of about half of the moss green and half of the turquoise from Meg, too. All of those are spun woolen long-draw for bulky yarns, which will eventually become Christmas presents. It's too late to get good pictures of the yarns, so I'll try to get them on next week's post.
I needed some commuter knitting, so I started a pair of socks for ToolMan. He liked this yarn from Sensations; it's called Bamboo and Ewe, which is a blend of superwash merino, bamboo, and nylon. It's my standard toe-up recipe with a made-up stitch pattern of simple knit and purl stitches, which turns out to look rather like crocodile skin when it's on his foot.
I'm using the knitting bag I got at WWKIP day to hold my knitting. It's just big enough to hold my pattern and two balls of yarn, and it has side pockets just made for holding socks in progress.

And it's the perfect size to fit inside my Sock Summit bag which I've using my big Sock Summit bag on a daily basis to carry all my stuff; it's big enough to carry my wallet, lunch, and knitting, and I use the outside pockets for my phone, water bottle, mp3 player, key cards, etc.
One last bit before I go; ToolMan had a colonoscopy and endoscope on Friday afternoon. The immediate results were mixed; some good and some not so good. We're waiting on biopsy results, which should be back on Wednesday afternoon. I'll post as soon as we have the results.


  1. Sara's daughter Erin went to Applebright Farms and Sara got some of her pygora at the Aurora spinning in the spring. I had contacted Jan awhile back. Here's what the pygora is selling for:

    "Most is packaged in two ounce bags with a photo of that animal.
    Prices range from $10.00 to $16.00/ oz plus postage. A single ounce can spin up to as much
    as 100 yds."

    I'm looking forward to feeling the samples! I already have them on my list as a must stop in booth at OFFF. ;-)

    Hope things turn out well with the biopsy results.

  2. I love how your cardigan turned out! The socks are knitting up nicely, too. Great stitch pattern.

    I'm thinking of you and ToolMan, and hoping for good news with the test results.

  3. Splendid cardigan! Great socks! Wuuuunderful pygora!

    All best to der Toolmeister!

  4. I got to feel some pygora at NH S&W - it may be the most luscious-feeling fiber on the planet! Lucky you to have some to play with!
    Love the socks and the cardi.


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