Monday, September 21, 2009

I do! I really, really, do!

Have a perfectly wonderful post all ready for you, that is. A really nice one that is all about World Wide Spin In Public Day last weekend. And I have lovely pictures of some very generous spinners and really nice knitters and colorful fiber samples and squishy yarn and all kinds of spinning wheels and Turkish drop spindles and cuddly babies in hand knits (I know) and vexed adults trying out drop spindles and beautiful children trying out spinning wheels and multicolored farm fresh eggs and even some knitting in progress that is almost a Finished Object. Really, I do! Except stoopid Blogger won't let me show you any of those things.


  1. Oh, I didn't even know it was WWSIP day...
    I need to come out from under my rock more often...

  2. Blogger can suck rocks sometimes! I can imagine those photos, but to really see them would be fun, too.

  3. Darn! and I wanted to see the cuddly babies in hand knits!


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