Monday, September 7, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . .

First, the update on ToolMan: The results of the endoscope were good. The colonoscopy, not so much; it showed colorectal cancer, in two locations. These are not the normal mushroom-shaped polyps that can be easily snipped off; rather, they are flat, growing directly on the wall of the colon and rectum, which means they'll have to take out sections of each. But the prognosis is pretty good; they think we caught it early. He had a CT scan last Saturday and met with our Internist on Monday. We meet with the surgeon on Thursday; believe me, if we could have gotten an earlier appointment, we would have. Both of us are anxious to get the surgery done, even though we know chemo and radiation will likely follow. Right now, all we want is to get that stuff out.

The last couple of weeks have been so tumultuous, that all I could do was knit simple patterns that didn't require thought. I finished up the Bamboo & Ewe socks for ToolMan, just in time for him to wear to the CT scan for good luck.

I used two balls of Sensations Bamboo & Ewe, size 1 dpns, Judy's Magic Cast-On, a stitch pattern based on this picture of Lifestyle Socks , and the no-wrap short-row heel from the same pattern. ToolMan doesn't like long socks, but he did say these could have had longer cuffs. I used two balls of yarn, but had plenty left over. The yarn was a little stiff to knit, but it sure softened up nicely after washing. I think I'll use the leftovers to make footees for me.

I also started, and finished another pair of socks for him this week.

These are the same basic toe-up and short-row heel recipe, in Kroy FX with a stitch pattern from the Gentleman's Fancy Sock pattern in Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. The yardage is a little skimpy in Kroy, so I had to buy extra balls of yarn. I probably could have gotten by with one ball for each sock if I had skipped one repeat in the cuff. But I have almost two full balls left over. The colors are really nicely heathered, so I might use the leftovers in a faux isle project.

And just to make my plate a little more full this week, my office moved from downtown to the burbs. The commute is not as easy, but the new digs are definitely much nicer than what we had downtown. Here's my little corner of the big company:

Now, if we could just get all the computer systems to work . . .


  1. Oh, Bobbie, hugs to you and Toolman. I hope all goes smoothly for you from here on out. Take good care of both of you!

    Love ya,

  2. Good luck to toolman!

    Your new office looks nice :)

  3. The socks rock!

    Hooray for catching things early! Good thoughts. Lots of good thoughts.

  4. echoing the above comments and still sending good thoughts

  5. Gimme the chair and no one gets hurt.

    The socks look great on their recipient. They will be very handy when he's recuperating from his treatments.

  6. Sending hugs and lots of good thoughts!

  7. Sending good thoughts, as well. Having such wonderful socks should help carry him through whatever they dish out.


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