Sunday, October 4, 2009

All Quiet on the Western Front . . .

With all the sitting in waiting rooms, doctors' offices, and hospital rooms that I've done in the last two months, you'd think I'd have lots of knitted FOs to show for it wouldn't you? Truth is, most of the time I was just too distracted, worried, and tired to pick up sticks and string. Here's the only thing I've finished in the last month:

The picture really doesn't do this yarn justice; it's Glam Sock Yarn from StitchJones. Glam Sock Yarn is a blend of superwash merino, silk, nylon, and silver fibers; yes, silver. The merino and silk make it soft with just a little shine, the nylon makes it strong, and the silver gives it just the barest touch of sparkle. It's not the least bit like those "sparkle" and "metallic" yarns of the olden days; this one's got class, baby! And with over 400 yards in a skein for under $30, it's a very affordable luxury.

When Sharon got the first skeins of this about a year ago, I suggested she do a dove/pearl grey and this is the first time I've been able to grab this color; she tells me it flies out of her on-line shop as soon as she puts them up, so if you spot a color you like, better grab it while you can!

The Knit Sibs, however, seem to have been knitting their little fingers to the bone for ToolMan the last few weeks. Almost as soon as he was out of surgery last week, a basket full of love showed up on his nightstand.

Seems that Duffy, Sharon, Angela, Dana (sadly blogless), Rachel (I'm pretty sure she made one of the crocheted hearts) and the rest of the gang cooked up a secret plan that they even kept from me! They started making hearts for him back when he had the heart attack, then as things got worse, decided to wait until the storm had passed. I'm sorry if I left anyone out; most of the hearts didn't have a maker's name attached. The bear has a handknit sweater and a tag that says "Bear Hugs from Stitch Jones", so we know that one came from Sharon. The felted heart next to him (with a face and tongue sticking out) has embroidery on the back saying "Throw. Laugh. Retrieve. Repeat." and came with a note from Dana. That one was a big hit with the nurses on the Cardiac Ward! The whole basket is now residing on the nightstand, ready to be picked up anytime he needs to be reminded how many people care about him.

I didn't make it to OFFF, or to the last couple weeks of Westside Wednesday, or Saturday Spinning Our Wheels at the Grange. In fact, I've haven't spun a single thing since WWSIP, and as I said earlier, I'm hardly knitting, either. I'm just too tired right now to do much; I think the stress of changing procedures at work, moving the office, software training, and ToolMan's health issues have finally caught up with me. Now that most of the worst is behind us (Dear Jeez, I hope this is true!), I finally feel like I can let go and rest. I think the short days are making me feel even more tired; I spent most of yesterday napping either in the chair or in bed, moving only when I had to deal with loads of laundry. Of course, ToolMan is spending a fair amount of time napping as well. Both of us are ready for hibernation. And getting back to "normal" again; definitely ready for "normal".


  1. Definitely time to hibernate. Do it while you can. It'll be Christmas beforee we know it.

    Gorgeous shawl.

    Strength and health to you both!

  2. Judy did a couple of hearts as well. I should have written names down but it was the love that counted. It was fun hiding it from you and ToolMan, and he was truly delighted to receive it. When I delivered it Friday to his hospital room, it was great to see him looking so well and able to appreciate it.

  3. The yarn you described sounds amazing, and the shawl is marvelous. I also love looking at the collection of hand-made hearts. Very cute, and very sweet. Great work, and I hope the worst is over.

  4. Take care of yourself and prayers for Tool Man's continued recovery, too.

  5. Hello! I am Inés from Abuelita Yarns Company. I loved your shawl!! The metallic color and patterns were great!
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    Good luck and good health for everyone! :D

  6. Gorgeous shawl, Bobbie! Hope all is well.

  7. That shawl is just beautiful!
    Rest, relax, regroup. You need some healing time, too.


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