Monday, November 9, 2009

Git 'er done

That's what I'm trying to do - during breaks in Dancing With The Stars. This is my favorite part : when it's down to five couples and they're all great.

I got ToolMan to take a picture of the Swallowtail during one of the commercial breaks.

I LOVE this pattern! It's small enough to be very versatile to wear, knits up quickly, and is very elegant looking.

I've already worn mine several times, but not with the new shawl pin ToolMan finished for me last week.

I've done other knitting, but it's planned for Christmas gifts, so nothing to talk about on that front.

And I got a bunch of spinning done last week, too. I have some time off that has to be used by the end of the year or I lose it, so I've planned to take off some Wednesdays to join my Spinning Sisters at the Grange.

And some plying has been done, too. Again, this is planned for gifts to be made, so really can't talk about that, either.
These are some Barbara's Buns that she brought me when she came up for SOAR. It was such a delight to have her company for the afternoon, and even more fun when we all went out to dinner. The picture really does not do these justice; they are dark chocolate brown with lovely burgundy and lavendar bits, and some sparkle, too! I'm thinking this will become a laceweight for another triangle shawl for my wardrobe.

Enough about me; Toolman is doing much better. He's feeling better, getting his energy level back, and getting his medications all worked out. The only thing left to deal with now is the skin cancer, which is fairly minor, out-patient surgery. A cake walk, considering what we've already been through this year. In fact, he had one of the surgeries today, on the top of his left ear; he has a humongus bandage on the ear and on the back of it where they had to take skin for a graft. They said he would have some pain, so they gave him a prescription; he said it's worse than he expected. But he says what bothers him more is the intense desire to start painting sunflowers and starry nights.


  1. Tool man Gogh? hehe.

    Lovely swallowtail!

  2. Beautiful swallowtail! And baby, you got some gorgeous buns!

    Hooray for Toolman! Hope he heals fast. So good to hear his humor is unimpaired! the shawl pin is awesome! The man is inspired.

  3. Start worrying when he returns home one day with giant tubes of paint and a putty knife.

    Good to hear he and you are doing well and that you get to play on Wednesdays.

  4. Bobbie it's nice to see after all you have been through, you still have a sense of humor! Louanna

  5. Pretty fiber. Glad Tool Man is feeling better. Sell those Van Gos on Etsy, baby!

  6. I'm so glad Toolman is better, and that is one beautiful shawl and pin!

    I'm always so happy when I find a new blog post from you....

  7. Laughing bigtime at the Van Gogh reference!
    Isn't Swallowtail wonderful? I've made 2, but gave them both as gifts. I really need to make myself one someday...
    Beautiful shawl pin!

  8. Missed you yesterday at the spinning bash @ Aloha Grange. Sorry for ToolMan's ordeal with the skin graft, but if he's still cracking jokes that's a great sign!


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