Sunday, April 11, 2010

Actual Knitting Content

Yes, actual knitting content! On this blog! Can you believe it? Knitting that I can actually blog about!

First up - my "commuting, take to work and knit night because I don't have to think about it" project: a Baktus scarf. I don't know what this yarn is; it's from the bottom of the stash and didn't have a label. I did a swatch, threw it in with the laundry a couple weeks ago and it came out just fine so it's something machine washable and dryable; a burn test proved it to be synthetic, so I'm guessing some acrylic/nylon/polyester blend but it's very soft. It's fairly splitty so I'm using blunt US 10s in plain garter stitch. I like the faded denim-y look of this but I really don't need another blue scarf so it'll probably go in the gift box. It's always good to be ahead of the curve on Christmas presents.

And on to the "stay at home, pay attention to this" project: The carrot I was dangling in front of myself to finish the secret knitting, the reward for good behavior, the mate to the long suffering One Red Sock.

I cast on Friday night and have made it all the to the short-row heel, thanks to Tiger Woods back playing in the Masters. ToolMan was glued to it for all four days, and I joined him on Saturday and Sunday. I like watching golf (and yes, I know some of you will find that boring), but I particularly love watching Tiger play because he's so damned good.
And frankly, I'm tired of hearing the media make such a big deal out of the the mistresses/girlfriends/bimbos. Fer cryin' out loud, people, you didn't make this much of a ruckus over the affairs of elected officials and religious leaders! Bill Clinton, Ted Haggard, John Edwards, and all the Kennedy's weren't under this kind of scrutiny. The golf commentators even mused about why he was wearing sunglasses on the course and whether it was because he didn't want people to look in his eyes. Gimme a break, fer cris' sakes, and move along already!
The knitting queue is lengthening: One of my friends, Maryanne, is expecting her first grand baby in May. The little pink bundle will be arriving in England, so she'll need at least one summer sweater and maybe one a little larger for early fall. Then next up are the neighbors who are expecting a bouncing baby girl in August; the expectant daddy has already requested something in Ohio's scarlet and gray. Niece Jane has been a tad vocal about an undying desire for a set of #@!*% Golf Club Covers in dark purple, please. And my brother will need a hat when he starts chemo in May. I threw away another pair of my socks because the bottom was beyond darning again, so I need to replenish the supply; and ToolMan has asked for another pair of bamboo socks. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.


  1. So much to knit - so little time! The red socks are awesome!!

  2. I like the way One Red Sock is gazing wistfully at its mate-to-be...


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