Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whittling Down the Queue

Now that the Secret Knitting and my reward socks are done, I'm trying to whittle down the knitting queue to a reasonable length. I had to start with some baby knitting because my dear friend, Maryanne, is expecting her first grand baby in May. And besides, who can resist some baby knitting? This baby is due in May, but she'll be born in England so she'll need a summer sweater and a fall coat.

First off the needles this week was my riff on the 5-Hour Baby Sweater. I've done the 5-Hour Baby Sweater in the past and it really does only take about 5 hours. This one? Well, it was a little more like 15 hours. This one is Red Heart Soft Yarn in cream and a lovely mossy green; both colors apparently discontinued.

I didn't do the lacy part at the top; instead I opted for concentric purl ridges and contrasting garter edges which took up considerable time to twist yarns, mess about with bobbins (after I decided knitting from two skeins of yarn at the same time was just plain ol' crazy). Then because I didn't have full skeins, I was afraid I'd run out of yarn, so I knit up the sleeves before doing the body. And never one to leave well enough alone, I scrounged up some little bits and bobs to crochet some purple and pink flowers. Hmm, how to attach those? Some cheery yellow french knots in the center, leaving the tails to be pulled through and square-knotted on the back was the solution. It's been steamed and is drying so it can be delivered later this week, along with the little fall coat I'm working on.

On the needles currently is that old standby, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. This one should be about a six-month size; I'm using random acrylic and a size 7 circular needle. I pulled out three solids (turquoise, blue, and purple) and found a small ball of two different variegated yarns to coordinate. I think I have some blue buttons in my stash; if not, I'll ask ToolMan to make some pretty wooden ones.

I'm a little more than halfway through this one. A quick spin through the washer and dryer to soften it up and both will be ready for delivery to the expectant grandma later this week.

I'd nearly run out of stash yarns for the premie hats, when I saw a post on Ravelry that Mokihana was needing yarn donations for her charity knitting group. And the same night, Fantomeq (Ravelry link) delivered a bag of premie hats to me on Wednesday night. I posted on Ravelry that I would take donations on the west side for both Mokihana and me. Little did I know how many donations I was going to get!

Look at that! A big bag plus two shopping bags on the bed, a big shopping bag and a laundry bag on the floor, and I haven't even been through my stash yet! I will keep a bag of the small balls, odds and ends, for premie hats; the larger amounts and full skeins will go to Mokihana for blankets. I'm still open for donations, and should have a good amount to deliver later. Puts a whole new spin on "spring cleaning".


  1. Those flowers just MAKE that little sweater! What genius! And I love the colors for the BSJ. Bravo!

    Oh my gosh, it's Aladdin's Cave full of yarn! What a haul!

  2. Love the flowers on that sweater!
    Looks like you'll be able to keep the hats rolling with no trouble at all. The premies will thank you.

  3. Perfect sweater. It looks entirely intentional.

    I'll have blanket squares to deliver along with the bags of acrylic. Leftovers from the blanket drive a few years ago.

  4. First of all, that sweater with the flowers is absolutely fabulous. You did an incredible job on it.

    Second, oh my gosh, how grateful my group will be for the yarn! I am overwhelmed by knitters' generosity. Over the weekend we finished three more blankets and have begun three more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. That sweater is so sweet - I love the colors and flowers add just the right touch. The colors of the BSJ are beautiful.


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