Sunday, October 3, 2010

OFFF 2010

Last weekend was OFFF and as usual, the PDX Knit Bloggers and Spinnerati were on the lawn to give lessons and encouragement.  Barbara arrived from HELL (Phoenix) on Friday and stayed with us for the event.  Here are some pictures of the tents:

Saturday was beautiful; warm, sunny, a slight breeze, and that electric blue sky that we get in the fall.  I sat in the tent and spun all day, and taught a couple of spindlers how to park and draft, and ply and finish their yarn.  There was music:

although it was mostly Celtic and a bit morose.  I kept hoping for some lively Highland flings or at least a drinking song, but if they played one, I must have missed it.

Kathleen came by and picked up the shawl pin she had purchased from our Art Fire site.  She and Sivia Harding nearly arm wrestled over this mahogany ginko leaf, but Kathleen was just a bit quicker on the mouse.  ToolMan made a similar one in cherry for Sivia, but somehow we never got a picture of her.

The Delites showed up, en masse:

And what outing would be complete without cake?  For OFFF, a sheep cake, of course!

Rachel's birthday was earlier in the week, but she wanted to celebrate at OFFF so she and Owen whipped this up for Saturday afternoon.

Sunday wasn't nearly as nice; it started raining early and didn't let up until noon.  ToolMan had his hands full showing his shawl pins; Kathleen, Sivia, Judy, and Katherine had done a excellent job of pimping him out showing off their shawl pins, that people were hunting him down to look at what he had made.  I'll do my best to get more things up on the website tonight.
In other news:  Mom's socks are done, they've had a soak, and are on the blockers to dry.  I'll put them in the mail this week.  Thank goodness for flat rate mailing!

The cleaning team has scrubbed every thing in the house; we're still trying to find what was put in the wrong places.  The curtains and drapes are still at the cleaners, but the painters were here this week putting the new color on the kitchen, halls and stairways.  And the carpet cleaner will be here next week.

I did get the coral yarn finished in Saturday at OFFF; it's on the bobbins, waiting to be reeled off and finished.  I'll see how much I have and decide from there what to make.

Last but not least, here are pictures of the OFFF loot I brought home. 

Much less than previous years; I've had to buy more of the 60 quart plastic bins to store stash and now don't have shelves to stack them on.  No room in there for more shelves, so buying needs to slow down until some of what's in there gets used.  Uh huh, like THAT'S going to happen!


  1. If you need someone to take some of that stash off your hands, let me know. I'll be happy to oblige. ::BEG::

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    And it looks like things are coming along with your fire recovery. Glad it's nearly done.

  3. Christmas is coming. You needed to stock up for all the stash-blasting that the holiday engenders.

    Love the photos. If I couldn't be there in person, this was the next best thing.

  4. Looks like a perfect day! Spinning, fiber, and cake - who could ask for more?


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