Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whole lot of nothing

This week was pretty quiet.  Thank goodness!  It's been a pretty typical winter week in the Pacific Northwest: rainy, dark and cold.  We did have one morning of black ice but it was gone by mid-day; at least we didn't have any snow.

I'm still working on a pair of socks for him; I had to detour for a short bit to work up a pair of special baby socks which will be revealed tomorrow. 

A few years ago, at the first Blue Moon Destash Sale, Duffy and I both bought a hank of Laci in the beautiful semi-sold brown colorway.  Both of us have had the huge hanks languishing in our stashes ever since.  Duffy suggested we do a KAL; I said it would be a good spring knit as I need at least one more sweater before I tackle a big lace shawl.  Duffy and I both knit Queen Anne's Lace last year and loved this mathematical nature and the repetitive pattern of it.  She suggested we do Hypernova for our KAL but each do something a little different: maybe an edge variation or beading or something. 

Next weekend is the Seattle to Portland Yarn Train; I missed last year so I'm really looking forward to it.  One of the attorneys in the office is a crocheter, so I asked if she'd like to join us.  And another of the attorneys has a mother who knits and I think they are both going to join us. 

MonicaPDX is working on some charity knitting; she's knitting premie hats in honor of an Internet pal who recently lost an infant.  She emailed me for some info, knowing I had rounded up a mess of premie hats for a couple years, and I offered her some of the baby acrylic from the charity stash.  I needed some incentive to take those whole skeins and wind them into smaller balls; premie hats go so fast and use so little yardage that no one ever takes a whole skein.  I got a bunch of colorways wound off and into a tote bag to deliver to her at the Yarn Crawl. 

ToolMan and I have been watching the reports from Tucson since hearing the news yesterday.  I know that the two things that really set people off are religion and politics, but this is just too much.  My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones, the families that have loved ones in the hospital or who were injured, and to the family of the young man who felt this was the solution to a problem.  I know they are all suffering in their own way.


  1. I'm watching the latest news on the tucson tragedy. So senseless - I just don't understand.


  2. Enjoy the yarn crawl. Sounds like you have plans well in place.

    And you and Duffy need to post photos of your progress on those sweaters - you mad knitters, you!

  3. Ooooo... Just popped Queen Anne's Lace into my library. (How'd I miss that one?)
    The events in Tucson baffle me.


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