Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sock Summit 2011 Day 2

Early morning at Sock Summit 2011.  The calm before the storm.

Knitters were still getting registered, heading for classes and waiting for the Marketplace to open.

I was a teacher's assistant again.  This time, I helped Franklin Habit who was teaching Photographing Your Fiber.  Although teacher's assistants don't get to participate in the class, I still learned a TON of stuff about photography and what I've been doing wrong all this time. 

 The volunteer coordinator had scheduled two helpers for Franklin, so I took the morning and the other volunteer took the afternoon.  That worked out great, so I could get the PDX Knit Bloggers and Portland Spinnerati signs up in the marketplace before it opened.

This is what the Marketplace looked like at 4: 25 p.m.

Cindy and I had a few minutes to put our feet up before the doors opened.

Five minutes later, the doors opened and the knitters flooded in.

We were in the far back corner, and it seemed like they flooded in within seconds!

I don't know how they made it all the way to the back so fast!

The Marketplace was only open for 2 hours today.  I had to make my way upstairs to the Ballroom; I was scheduled to take tickets at the door for the Opening Reception, and got to stay for the festivities.  We were all surprised by the show of hands of the people who plan on being in the Super Secret Event on Saturday.

I know there were attendees who didn't get tickets to the Opening Reception, but it sure seemed like the whole  crowd was there.

The range and variety of hand knits was amazing!  Everywhere you looked, someone was wearing something beautiful!

Tina and Stephanie talked about how much harder in some ways, so much easier in other ways, and different in a whole bunch of ways this Sock Summit is from the first on.

They thanked the teachers, the volunteers, ST-2, and the guests for making Sock Summit everything it is.  

Oh yeah, and I bought stuff, too.  I'll show you that later. 

Tomorrow: Sock Summit 2011, Day 2.


  1. Bobbie, you are so lucky. What a great place to be,enjoy for all of us! Louanna

  2. I wish I could have been there with you.

    see you in September...

  3. Roxie Sez,
    You got to assist Franklin? Swoon with jealousy!! Is he as sweet and funny in real life? Of course he is. He must be. Omigawd, omigawd! Franklin Habit - squeeee!Fan-girl spazout!!

  4. Roxie said it all...
    I'm glad you're getting to enjoy all the fun!


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