Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sock Summit 2011 - What day is it?

I was at Sock Summit again today, but I can't remember what day it is.  Day 3?  4?  Is it Saturday?  My mind is so boggled, I can hardly remember who I am.

I do remember who this lady is; she's Anna Zilboorg.  I went to her fantastic lecture, "The Deeper Meaning of Sock Knitting".  Fabulous!

After Anna's lecture, I got in line for Larissa Brown's new book, "My Grandmother's Knitting".  I haven't had time to really look at the book; heck, I barely had time to flip through it!  When I do, I'll give it a full review.

After lunch, I wandered through the Sock Museum. I didn't get to see it at last Sock Summit, so it was nice to see it this time.

 There were socks from the middle ages (reproductions, of course!) to modern times.  Look at the 1920 argyle on the bottom left.  Can you imagine trying to keep all those bobbins untangled?

Also on display were a variety of dysfunctional socks.  Do you see the giant ones on the left there?  

How about these?  How's that for dyfunctional?

After that, I went to another lecture: "Planning for Pooling Success".  Let me tell you, that one gave me LOTS of stuff to think about.  Like how to use hand-painted yarns to make vertical strips, zig zags, argyles, and other patterns.  Mind boggling.

The last thing I did today at Sock Summit was this:

Gotta say, it was about 15 kinds of fun!  And I'm pretty sure we scared the hell out some MAX riders.


  1. Love the dysfunctional socks! (Love the very concept of dysfunctional socks!)
    The pooling lecture sounds fascinating. And Anna Zilboorg talking socks? Girl, you have all the fun!

  2. Love this, thanks for the pictures! It's almost like being there. Louanna

  3. I am so bummed about missing SS11. Thanks for making it seem like I was almost there.

    see you soon

  4. Oh the flash mob! Oh squee!!

    Sorry PDX didn't win Fleece to Foot, but what a fun challenge!


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