Sunday, September 18, 2011

Much Ado

ToolMan and I made it to the Pearl District for the Refresh Your Stash sale at Urban Fiber Arts.  I was surprised at how much people brought in, and at the low prices!

The shop looks so nice with the new slat wall; it shows off the skeined yarn so nicely!

I didn't put any stash up for sale, but I did manage to find some lovelies to come home with me.  I think all this case from Cindy's personal stash!

I got a kit from Knit Picks for a fair isle bag; I won't make the bag, but I will use the 23 balls of wool yarn for other projects.  And ToolMan picked out a couple skeins of ShiBui and Lorna's Laces for sideways socks.  And I found a nice skein of Plymouth sock yarn in blues/greens for me.

Speaking of ToolMan's sideways socks, I finished up the Forest Fog pair.  Here they are on the arm of the couch before being grafted.

In that gray/green heather, it looks like someone killed eels and left the skins laying around.  Or giant slugs.  Definitely not attractive.

After finishing up the socks, I knocked out another hat for Lincoln Street School.  This one is the Katmandu hat from Knit One, Knit All.  Definitely a fun knit; this was two evenings, start to finish.

And then I knit up yet another pair of sideways socks for ToolMan.  Yes, I really like this pattern; it goes so fast!  He's worn the Cinnamon Toast and Forest Fog pair once each since the weather turned cool this week.  

I wasn't sure if he'd like the black/gray striped ones and thought I might wind up with them, but when they were done, he said they were his favorite so far; he likes the way the stripes change due to the decreasing and increasing.  


  1. Roxie sez,
    Oh, what fun those socks are! He's a lucky man. I like the B&W stripes best as well.

    Looks like you had a grand stash refresment time! Yayy!

  2. Those socks do look like fun to knit! I love the stripey ones, too.


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