Thursday, September 29, 2011

OFFF 2011

Last weekend was OFFF.  This year, I had demonstrations to do and a workshop to attend, so I handed the cameras over to ToolMan.  This is how he sees OFFF.

Judy Becker taught her Magic Cast On.

Old friends were greeted.

People watching was done.

Hello Kitty pants for cute toddlers were knitted.

Lots of pictures were taken.

Trtlgrl had a trtlbirthday, complete with trtlcake.

The warm weather and shade were enjoyed.

Little girls were reluctant to leave the festivities.

Drum carding demonstrations were done.

Lessons on cabling without a needle were taught.

New babies were carried and adored by many aunties.

Serious knitting was done.

Laughs were shared.

Some people got a little over excited by all the pretty fiber.

Another OFFF is done and gone.

I can hardly wait until next year!


  1. it was so good to see you and Rod again. I'm glad I had a chance to hang out with you for a little bit after the show - wish I had not been so tired.

  2. Nice to see you, if only briefly, but I felt so scattered on Saturday! So many things to see and do, and not enough hours. Oh, well. How is your purling back backwards going?

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. And that you had better weather than we had for our festival up here... 8)


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