Monday, January 21, 2013

So it begins . . .

There's an old saying, "Start as you mean to go on."  It suggests that being prepared and laying a plan for yourself is more likely to mean success in the end.  And to that end, I began my way to the Masters by preparing my Level 1 Notebook. 

Fortunately, when you get your Level 1 materials, it includes not only the Instructions for the work to be done, but also General Information on how to organize your notebook with swatches, reports, bibliography, etc.  And the Welcome pages remind you, repeatedly, to read everything first.  Having read through everything multiple times, I decided the best course of action was to begin organizing my notebook.

Fortunately, the TKGA is very specific on how your submission notebook should be done; there are details of the size of notebook, the sections, even the information they want in your cover letter.  There's a section for everything, and everything should be in page protectors:  the index, cover letter (which I've written and re-written already), 

the 28 single-spaced pages of instructions, etc., each in their own section.  

Each swatch gets its own label, page protector and swatch sheet; some have gauge worksheets to include as well.

And there are additional sections for questions and answers, a report on how to block hand knits  and a bibliography.

While I was setting up my notebook for submission, I realized that I needed a second notebook; one I could high-light, scribble in, and stick notes to.  So I made a working notebook for myself.

I also have the Level 1 materials all saved on my laptop, along with the questions ready to be answered as I go along, an outline of the blocking report, a start on my bibliography, and a draft cover letter (which I re-read and have now re-written for a third time).  Good planning is half the battle they say, and if it is, then I may have half a chance at winning the war.  

This was a long weekend for me, so I started sampling some yarns for swatches and measuring gauge, which I'll discuss when next we meet.  Now, I think I need to re-write that cover letter again.  


  1. Exciting! I am curious about the process and will try to keep up with your progress! Oh, and Hi again!

  2. I learned so much doing the Mastery courses. I thought I was a pretty good knitter before, but I was quickly humbled. There is SO Much to know! Hooray for you! You are going to enjoy this.


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