Sunday, March 17, 2013

Edge Tension Redux

I'm still working on my edge tension; so I knit the first two swatches in Cascade 220.  I"m pretty happy with how they turned out, except for the cast on.  The tension across the swatches is pretty good; there's very little rowing out.

I think I've got the edge tension on the left side conquered by wrapping the yarn for the first and last three purl stitches the wrong way, and then knitting through the back loop. 

I"m less happy with the right side; I still see uneven tension between the knit and purl rows.  I'm trying to break my bad habit of tightening up the first stitches on the knit side.  I think if I can do that, they'll look much better, although the gals in my Master Knitting Study Group told me they looked fine and I just need to get over it an move on!

While looking at the questions for these swatches and my notes, I realized that I have nearly always used the bumpy side of long-tail cast on for the "public" side and the loopy side for the "private" side.  When looking at the questions, it occurred to me that there might be variations of the long-tail cast-on that eliminate that loopy side.  A quick search in Principles of Knitting revealed that I've been doing only the knit version of long-tail cast on all these years and there actually is a purl version.  Who knew!

Well, now that I've found and practiced the purl version of long-tail, I decided to use these swatches to practice weaving in ends.  Yes, these are the same swatches in the first picture above; I'm pretty proud that the bright green can't be seen from the right side!

I've been mulling over a table loom for some time and keeping an eye on craigslist for one, then Tina of Black Sheep at Orenco got a consignment to sell an elderly lady's tools and stash to fund keeping her in Alzheimer's care.  The deal was too good to pass up and knowing that it will help take care of this little old lady warms my heart.  So this Wolf Pup Loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles came to live at my house yesterday.  Nothing like jumping into the deep end of the pool!  


  1. Your knitting is exquisite. You are going to be one of those ultimate masters who knits single strand spidersilk into invisible lace long johns!

    I used to be a professional weaver if you need help with the loom..

  2. Love your loom. Next time you come to the Lake we need to go to Janis', she has two looms up and running.
    Have fun,

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