Monday, February 12, 2007

A little good news . . .

The rescue people came back late this afternoon and tested for moisture and guess what: They took away the LOUD machines! Yeah!

So tonight, I've been working on a layout one of my co-workers, Chris, is putting in her daughter, Lizzie's, senior album. I can't take credit for the layout, that's all Chris (she has such GOOD taste!), I only did the computer stuff for her. Isn't Lizzie just gorgeous?

I know you can't read the quote around the small picture; it says, "I'm fairly certain, given a cape and a nice tiara, that I could save the world." Awwww!

At last, a quiet night (finally) and not a damn thing on tv worth watching. So, I'm going to find something on Discovery Channel or History Channel so I can listen while I knit on a lace baby blanket for a long-time client who's expecting in May.

Now that I've learned to upload photos (Eat my dust, Naomi!) , I'll try to get some photos of the house, or what's left of it, posted soon. And maybe even some of my knitting; because one can never have enough fiber in their diet (get it?).

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

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