Sunday, February 25, 2007

An Update . . .

OK, so I didn't get an additional post in this week, despite my intentions of getting something up a couple times a week. Work was hectic this week: it's time to get the invoices out and we have the new bookkeeper, so it took longer than expected. But, I am, at last, getting back to doing some actual legal work instead of so much administrative stuff. That, at least, felt much better.

And we got the final bill for the dry out; just short of $9,000, but completely covered by our insurance. And we got the estimate on repairs; almost $18,000, and no depreciation for wear and tear. The insurance company is sending out a check made payable to us and the mortgage company, who will endorse it and send it back to us. Now, all we need is to figure out when they can come start work.

I did finish the lace baby blanket, but it's not blocked yet. And I got a good start on the sweater to go with it. I'm also planning for a bonnet and booties. The blanket is variegated; the rest is bright pink. I'll post pictures when they're done.

And I had a request from a co-worker to post pictures of the rooms that didn't get destroyed; I'll see if I can get those up this week, also.

Lastly, a friend made a comment about the term "middle aged" in my description; stating that I was "a little over-ripe" to be middled aged. Of course, I'm middle-aged; just ask my mother, she OBVIOUSLY can't be old enough to have a daughter who's past middle age! I think I've just started middle age, therefore, I am (if I live to be 117, that is!)

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