Monday, February 19, 2007

The Aftermath . . . .

Let's take a tour of how the so-called "rescue crew" left our house, shall we?

First, the kitchen:

Good thing we hadn't decided on a paint color in there yet.

Meanwhile, the dining room was completely done: paint, carpet, furniture, drapes, artwork, lighting. Now look:

Upstairs, here's the view of the hallway: first into the master bedroom and then back out:

Yes, Virginia, that IS the bottom of the tub that can be seen through the hole in the wall. And can anyone explain to me why these guys so carefully put down sticky plastic to protect the carpet, just BEFORE THEY CUT HUGE CHUNKS OUT OF IT?

Here's the remains of the master bedroom and bath:

That box with the scale on top is covering the toilet drain (remember: the toilet is sitting in my SHOWER, for god's sake! That really has me grossed out.). Our jack russell, Andy, COULD NOT stay away from it, so we had to cover it with a box and then weight it down so he couldn't stick his head down the hole. He also thinks all these holes in the walls are big doggie doors just for him.

Since the master bath is toast, we're using the remains of the guest bath:

To end on a brighter, or at least prettier note: my lenten roses (hellebores) finally bloomed. I planted these babies back in May, 2005; right after we moved into the house. Having them bloom now is like finding the silver lining inside this gray cloud of a house.

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but this weekend had one of those rare early spring days that we seldom get in Oregon: warm (high 50s), sunny, no rain, and that glorious neon blue sky. So getting some sun, and the flowers, really helped lift our spirits. I hope wherever you are, that you get at least one of those early spring days soon.


  1. OK - will you PLEASE come for dinner? You guys haven't seen the new house and I haven't cooked for you in a long time, plus I can't invite myself over to have you feed me obviously. I only work until 5, and I am off on Thurs & Friday. Andy can come too. :o) As long as he keeps his head out of the waste pipes....hee hee.
    I love you -

  2. Oh my Lord! I'm so glad you have those flowers to provide a spot of beauty and joy right now.

    I feel for you. What a mess!

    Hang in there, Bobbie!


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