Wednesday, March 7, 2007

WIP Wednesday

WIP: Work in Progress. My life is full of 'em.

My boss came into the office today to report on her doctor appointment yesterday; unfortunately, still no definitive diagnosis. Therefore, no treatment plan, no therapy plan, and set plans for how she can proceed from here. A work in progress . . . .

The office is another work in progress. With no answers for the boss, it means few answers and few plans for the firm except to keep doing what we're doing: providing legal representation for our clients, tightening our belts, putting our shoulders to the wheel, and keeping this firm intact for her.

The house continues to be a work in progress. But progress we are making. We got a check from the insurance company today. WHOOO HOOO! And then we realize it has to be endorsed by the mortgage company in California. So, even with overnight delivery, there's no way we can get it endorsed, back here, open a construction account, and get the contractors started before the middle of next week. Another work in progress . . . .

And the baby gifts I've been knitting are works in progress. At least the sweater is a work in progress, still:

Yes, it really is that hot pink. It's TLC Baby, fingering weight, on US 3 needles, pattern is Peek-A-Boo Sacque from Free Vintage Knitting. The little eyelets knitted into the fabric will get embroidery around them and the whole thing gets edging in the same variegated yarn I used for the lace blanket:

This picture really doesn't show the stitch well at all. Let's try again:

Still not great, but better. Learning to use the digital camera may be yet another work in progress . . .

Meanwhile, I'm taking pictures and blogging, and I see that someone has taken possession of my chair.

What do you mean, "your" chair?

Even though he was 10 years old in January, he definitely continues to be a work in progress . . . .

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