Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ah, Jeez . . .

So Snakes and Ladders has been moving right along. As evidenced by this:

See? At least 5 repeats of that "18 row repeat, over 80 stitches, on size 5 needles" that I was soooo looking forward to. A lovely, intricate lace pattern; 18 rows, all different; perfect to take my mind off everything else that's been weighing heavy on me lately. Right?

Wrong. This pattern has a definite "right" and "wrong" side. The "right" side being mostly knit, and the "wrong" side being mostly purl. Well, there's the rub. See where I have that empty needle speared on S&L? Yep, right there, halfway up what I've knitted so far. . Let's take a closer look, shall we?

See that? A purl row on the "right" side. CRAP! I noticed it tonight when I had Tool Man stretch it out so I could show off the total loveliness that S&L was turning into and what an excellent knitter I am. (Hey, no one else really give's a rat's ass how good I am at this stuff, so a girl has to pat her own back now and then.) Now, I have so far sucessfully ignored that fact that (ahem) several of my rows didn't come out right so I had to either: a) knit more than 2 stitches together, or 2) "make" a stitch where none had previously existed. (I think we all know why they "didn't come out right" by now, don't we?) I justified this by convincing myself that in such an intricate pattern, no one but myself would know. All onlookers would be so overcome by S&L's intricate pattern, that I had so cleverly worked in fuzzy mohair of such beautilicious colors that they'd never see such slight changes. In fact, I was so overcome by the lusciousness that I could hardly see the errors myself.

Actually, I was avoiding having to frog off mohair. As anyone who has knit with anything the least bit fuzzy, it is danged near impossible to "rip it, rip it" with mohair. But now I KNOW that "wrong" side row is on the "right" side. God, I hate it when that happens!

I really don't see what the big deal is, Mom. After all, why would anyone look at your lousy knitting when I'm in the room?

So, tell me what to do. Should I try to ignore the "wrong" row on the "right" side and keep going? If I do, will I totally hate this thing when I get it done and never wear it because I KNOW about the "wrong" side row on the "right" side? Rip it out and try to pick up from there and carry on? Rip it out, and then being disgusted with the S&L, find another pattern for another shawl? Rip it out, wind up the yarn, and move on to mindless knitting (like maybe warshrags from Mason Dixon)? Come on, people, give me some feedback here!

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