Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Moving right along . . .

So S&L went to the frog pond (Note to self: ripping out mohair is NOT fun.), then got rewound into balls (Boy, do I LOVE that Ball Winder that Tool Man gave me for Christmas!), and is being reincarnated as an Argosy Shawl. Thanks to Knitting In A Happy Camper for her pattern; excellent work on expanding the Argosy line and congrats on the pattern in MagKnit! I have to admit, this pattern is addictive; after less than 10 rows, I had it memorized and am knitting right along. And this does show off the yarn much better than S&L did. Although I have a cone of dark red bamboo that would be luverly as S&L.

I've had a few tentative nibbles on the job front. I think some of the higher level attorneys have been poking to see if Beth was coming back to work or the firm was going to survive without her. I got the feeling they would talk to me if I was looking, but they didn't want to be accused of luring me away. Today I made calls to several legal assistants, two retired judges, three sitting judges, 5 court clerks, lots of custody evaluators, some CPAs and real estate appraisers, and to the head of each county family law bar group (You make really good contacts by doing volunteer work!) to let them know I'm on the market and looking, so I expect word to get around pretty quickly now. Hopefully, I'll have something sooner rather than later.

The new carpet and flooring looks beautiful; and it is SOOO NICE not to have workmen here every single day! You'll have to wait for pictures on the next post; the camera battery crapped out on that one picture of Argosy. Tool Man is painting the master bath; he's already installed the new light fixture, the new faucet, and new knobs on the vanity. And when he's done painting, he's going to start on a "bath pantry" for me. I am so lucky to have him!


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my patterns! Your shawl is going to look beautiful (hey, send me a pic when your done for my Reader's Gallery)! I love your choice of yarn too.

  2. Looks just beautiful so far! I agree - that pattern does better things for the colorway. Can't wait to see it finished!


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