Monday, April 2, 2007

Look, Ma! No holes!

At long last, the repair crew showed up to start filling holes and patching walls and ceilings. They did the garage last week (so we have someplace clean to put furniture when it's time for the carpet and flooring).

Today they showed up to put (sorry, had to stop to watch Apollo Anton Ohno. Dancing With The Stars is on, you know!) up the drywall everywhere. But first, they did this:

They draped various parts of the house in plastic to protect it from the dust and debris. Remember that scene in E.T. where they set up the plastic tent in the house to examine E.T. before he dies? Like that. Only more.

See what I mean?

Notice the cabinets, stove, and fridge are also sealed in plastic? Gosh, guess we'll have to eat out until they're done!

They also filled in the holes in the master bedroom

the master bathroom,

and the guest bathroom.

They're back tomorrow to tape and mud the seams. Then on to texturing, painting, and flooring. Ho-rah!

Getting the holes fixed in the wall inspired me to make significant progress on Aryanna's cardigan. See, I even finished off one arm"hole" last night.
So far, I'm really happy with how this is turning out. I debated whether to chose the dusty rose and the bright pink from the variegated for the body. I thought the bright pink would be more "girly", but I really like the dusty rose. And the dusty rose plays up the chocolate brown and tones down the bright pink. I'm thinking maybe brown pearly buttons for this one. Just a little more sophisticated for a small miss, size six.

Oh, yeah; Tool Man and I picked out new toilets last weekend in an attempt to avoid having to do this whole "dry out and repair" thing a second time.

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