Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally . . . .

Finally, I finished the baby layette:

I decided not to do the embrodiery around each of the eyelets. Too many ends and just "too much". Perfect for a baby girl, just as it is.

In the past, I haven't done things like this for clients, but this one is different. She's been a client for about 4 years now; we've represented her regarding parenting disputes with her daughter's father. Aryanna was still in diapers when her mother came to us; now she's a big girl in first grade. This client lost her mother when she was 18; the mother was murdered, and the client's father was convicted of the crime and spent 18 years in prison. The client has found a wonderful man and married him about 2 years ago. She's miscarried one baby, but they tried again and the baby is due at the end of May. So without a mother, and no aunts, I thought she might not have anything handmade for the baby. I've met her girlfriends, and they don't seem like the "let me make something by hand" type; they're more the young professional "whip out the credit card and buy designer stuff" type.

Not wanting Aryanna to feel like all the attention is on the baby, I've started a little summer cardigan for her, and I'm sure I'll have enough yarn for a bag, too. Perfect for a big girl.

Tool Man and I picked out the flooring and carpet yesterday. We decided on a berber carpet from Mohawk. The color is called "Perfect Tan"; light tan background with flecks of color. The vinyl for the kitchen is a stone pattern in a medium tan and for the bathrooms it's a smaller stone pattern in gray and brown streaked.

AND FINALLY, we got word that the repairs will start on Tuesday! WHOOO HOOO!

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  1. What a delicate and perfect layette! Sounds like the mom could use something special and handmade, too. I'll bet she appreciates the gift more than you think.


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