Monday, May 14, 2007

My, oh, my!

Ok, if you didn't watch Dancing With The Stars tonight, you don't know what you missed! They all brought their "A" game to the show tonight and the judges awards a boatload of 10s. Even Len, who always has a constructive criticism, handed out 10s like nobody's business. They were so good, I had to stop knitting to watch!

Joey always has such a great time dancing and it shows all over his face; and tonight he was really on his game. Ian finally loosened up, and it really shined through; even with the cheesy Elvis wig. And Laila sure knows how to work it, baby; let's hear for big girls!

But, let me tell you, when Apolo and Julianne did that cha cha, I think I had a hot flash; had to open a window and fan myself! Len thought it was raunchy, but I agreed with Bruno and Carrie Ann, it was FANTASTIC!

Here's where you can watch the video, in case you missed it tonight:

OK, so I know I'm old enough to be his mother, and don't tell Tool Man I said this, but that boy can put his speed skates under my bed anytime. Just sayin'.

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