Friday, May 11, 2007

Progress is Made

When we moved in, our living room looked like this for quite a while:

Of course it was white when we moved in; this was the first room we painted. Five, that's right, five coats of red on that wall. Then Tool Man made progress on shelves and valances, I made progress on decorating, and Horizon made progress on repairs. Now, it looks like this:

Yessiree, that's progress. Isn't that new carpet great? It looks tons better than the previous beige low plush. But I WOULD NOT recommend an overflowing toilet as a means to get new carpet. Trust me on that one.

Remember the last time you saw the kitchen? Well, lookee here:

Beautiful new flooring. And doesn't that fridge look big? Tool Man believes in buying the biggest appliance possible. Hence, a 27 cubic foot fridge for a house that holds two people and a dog. But for an ice tea drinker like me, the icemaker is the cat's pajamas.

Here's how the dining room started:

I call this picture "Still Life With Dog Butt". Andy Rooney seriously loved that sun spot on the carpet. Until we did this:

Yup, more progress.

And Tool Man has been painting this week. After almost 3 years here, we're starting on the master bath and bedroom. Here's what he's got done so far:

Horizon did the new floor. Tool Man did the new light fixture, the new faucet that you can't see, built that nifty magazine rack for me, and painted. What a guy! Next on his list, a "bath pantry" since we have no towel storage in here. Here's the one I asked him to build. Should be no problem for a talented guy like him.

And the employment front. Made progress there, too; youbetcha.

Had an interview on Thursday that resulted in a offer. A nice offer. But the commute is going to be a killer; I have to take the train AND a bus to get there. Estimated time: 58 minutes each way. Doesn't sound so bad now, but this winter when it's dark and raining and cold, it will be miserable. They know I have other irons in the fire, and I want to do lunch with the staff before I make a decision.

I've sent emails or made calls to every attorney and paralegal I know, plus I've made contact with Northwest Legal, so something should happen pretty quickly. I have more interviews next week. And then this afternoon, I heard about an opening at a firm that would be only a 15 minute train ride each way, so I sent an email to an attorney in that firm that I know along with my resume; hopefully I'll hear from them early next week.

I made progress on Argosy:

Would you just look at the fuzzy lusciousness of that mohair? I tell you, I am really digging this pattern in this yarn. I can hardly wait until it's done.

But perhaps Jeeves should go off that diet he's been on. See what I mean?

I, however, lost 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Now, THAT'S what I call progress.


  1. Okay, I checked out the orange walls and I'm impressed. I'm right this very moment looking around my house to see what I can paint that shade and get away with.

  2. I love all that color! You both have done quite a bit to that house, and it looks lovely.

    Oh, and way to go on the weight loss. That's something to be really proud of.


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