Thursday, June 14, 2007

Portland Knit Bloggers ROCK!

So, a few emails passed back and forth; I issued a challenge for a Yahoo group and to The Oregonian knit blog; and WHOO HOOO those knit bloggers went to work!

BIG THANKS Judy at Persistent Illusion , who took the bait and set up a Yahoo group for us. It's only been open 2 days and we have 20 members. The PDX Knit Bloggers group is here. You know the drill: if you live in the Portland metro area (we'll include Vancouver, WA, too) and have a blog that includes knitting, then go there and sign up!

And Peggy and Mims, who run The Oregonian knit blog gave us a plug on their blog today. Hopefully, that will bring more knitters out of the woodwork.

First, we have to figure out a way to recognize each other at Black Sheep in two weeks; then when/where to have a meet up in Portland. How about the South Park Blocks? or Tom McCall Waterfront Park? Warm weather, picnic baskets, knit bloggers, yarn, unfinished projects (yeah, like knitting will actually get done!), fiber, spinners. Sounds like heaven to me!


  1. I must politely add that you rock, too :-) Thanks for getting us all together!

  2. what a great idea. I don't know any other knit bloggers in my part of the world.

  3. That knitting hedgehog is really cute. I have a Fiber Trends pattern my boys want me to knit up for them. Have you seen it?

  4. hi there, glad to see Portland blogging knitters getting together. Me I'm just a lurker, once in a blue moon coment leaver, and I don't knit much, can't spell too well, but what I do do is.... spin spin and spin some more. I love to see what people make out of the yarn, that's why I lurk around knitter blogs. I live in S.E. Portland, don't get out much, I'm a very good hermit. city life isn't for me but once in a while I come out for air. I will be at Black Sheep. I will be at the Duncan Carder booth (middle room of main building) spinning away as I have for the past 12 years. If you have a borring moment at Black Sheep....... yeah right..... come on by it would tickle me pink. I'm the Brunette with red hair spinning on the 30" Reeves wheel.
    Best wishes on setting up a nice home for the Portland Knitters!!

  5. Hey Bobbie - I'll be in Portland from the 7 - 11th. Any chance this "honorary PDX knit blogger" can hang out with any of you all during that time?


  6. I live in Salem. Is that close enough to join the group? Where do you meet up?

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