Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Portland Knit Bloggers

Portland Knit Bloggers are the best! A bunch of us have been emailing each other in an effort to set up a get-together. We want to see the ones we met last week, connect up with the ones we missed last week, and meet ones that couldn't make it to see The Harlot. I'm trying to keep a list of everyone and their addresses and URLs, but we need a better way to communicate. Would anybody volunteer to set up a Yahoo Group for us where we can post info, leave messages for everyone, etc.? I've sent a message to the ladies who knit blog for The Oregonian to see if we can enlist help; I plan on enlisting them (and anyone else I can draft) into helping get this group going. As Stephanie told us last week, we're "super responders", so let's get this thing off the ground and REPRESENT! Leave me a comment with your email address and I'll make sure to include you in mass emails until we get some sort of bulletin board or Yahoo group going.


  1. (stands up tall and proud)


  2. Found you via Kathy - happy to represent "the 'hood" (i.e., NoPo).

  3. *jumps up and down*
    Why does all the cool stuff start getting started when I'm going to be in and out of town for the next 3 months?!

    Ah, throw me on that list to.

  4. I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and strated a Yahoo group:

    PDX Knit Bloggers

    I emailed those whose address I had, but that's a rather small list. Anyone who's a Portland-area knit blogger -- Come over and join! And spread the word!

  5. PDX knit blogger reporting for duty...
    Found you via Kathy

    ..and now I'll head over to the new Yahoo group and sign up.

  6. I'm on my way to the knit blog now...


  7. Thanks for your help with this Bobbie!

  8. Bobbie! Finally catching up - loved your Harlot report, along with the noodging of Tool Man, and the crab photo. ROFL. Thanks much for dropping by and your kind words. I got my invite from Judy and signed up for the group this morning, woohoo!

    Another LOL, I see I made it into a couple of your pix. I am now prepared to swear that cameras add way more than 10 lbs. Wayyyyy more. ::snicker::


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