Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I need a keeper.

Last weekend, after I finally snagged a job, albeit contract, Tool Man suggested I pick up a couple more wardrobe items just to round out the ol' closet. So, on Saturday we went to The Rack and Kohl's; I picked up a couple tops and some dress slacks. Then, for some inexplicable reason, I decided that I needed to have my hair done.

Until several years ago, I did almost everything imaginable to my hair. Every few months, I would change my hairstyle. Radically. Over the years I have frosted, dyed, bleached, permed, hot rollered, curling ironed, blow dried, straightened, crimped, rinsed, let it grow long, chopped it off short, used gel and mouse and spray, put in clips and barrettes and rubber bands and combs, ad infinitum. Then, when I started having allergy issues and before the sarcoidois was diagnosed, I quit doing all that stuff. My hair is fine and limp, so I started keeping it really short and doing very little except using a blow dryer on low.

So, when I decided to have my hair done, in a moment of obvious insanity, I decided that I also needed a perm. By a stylist I've never met. At a salon where I've never been. Because the one I've never been to is closer to where I wanted to eat breakfast. How's that for logic?

Let's just say that my definition of "I need a trim and a light body perm on top" didn't exactly jive with that of the 20 year old stylist. This is what I think my new 'do looks like. Go ahead; click it. I'll wait. After all, I'm not going anywhere with this hair.

And, no, you WON'T be seeing pictures of yours truly in the blog anytime soon. Or at least until the perm either relaxes or my hair grows out enough to start trimming it off.

The nice thing about commuting on MAX to downtown is that I have about 45 minutes each way on which to knit socks. I happily knit away on socks for the first two days of commuting. So, remember these from last week?

And remember the tip I picked up from Kelley's podcast about the spare yarn to keep track of the number of rows? And how I thought it was great because I wouldn't be using and losing more stitch markers? Apparently that works only if you start using the spare yarn marker at THE SAME PLACE ON BOTH SOCKS. Otherwise, this happens:

Fraternal socks: same sock pattern; same number of stitches; one women's size 8 with a long leg; one women's size 6 with a slightly shorter leg. Don't believe me? Go ahead; click on the picture. I'll wait. After all, I can't go anywhere with these socks.

Then yesterday, I thought, "I'll save some money by taking my lunch to work." So, Tool Man wrapped up a leftover turkey cutlet, bagged some salad mix, and popped a bottle of ranch dressing in a bag for me, and off to work I went. Where, at lunchtime, I discovered that I had nothing to eat off of and no utensils. And neither did any of the 6 break rooms in the firm. So, I had to buy lunch anyway.

Last night, I cast on another pair of socks. With yarn from the stash. And a new supply of markers.

I cast on with Judy's Magic Cast On and worked just past the increases so I'd have them to knit on the train today. Off to work, knitting happily on the train, inserting stitch markers. With a plastic plate and fork in my bag. So at lunch, outside on the shady terrace with a nice breeze, I decide to weave in the loose end at the toe. Yup, dropped the darning needle and it went down between the pavers. Before getting the end woven in. I did NOT get down on the ground to hunt for it. Only because I was surrounded by non-knitters and I didn't want to freak them out even more; they had moved far away after I pulled out the sock and started knitting.

And I lost an earring from a pair which I've only worn 3 times. And I broke the string on one of my favorite necklaces.

I need to be among my peeps and get the ol' mojo going again, so I'm going to see Cat Bordhi for her book release on Friday at the World Forestry Center. You bring the voo doo dolls; I'll bring the pins.


  1. AAAH! I clicked on your hair sample link... Geesh, woman, warn a person! [vbg] And my deepest sympathies. If it'll help any, I spent a couple years with a perm that made me look like a large poodle. Those long ears covered in curls, y'know. Only my 'ears' were just hair.

    Sounds like you've had a helluva week and really deserve that night out at Cat Bordhi's launch party. I hope you join the gang going out for drinks afterwards! Say hi to everyone. ;)

    (Oh... And how complicated is your favorite necklace? I might be able to fix it, depending. Take a pic of the poor thing and send me if you have a chance, so I can see if I qualify. [g])

  2. Have someone else drive you there for goodness sakes! Hope you're finished the bad luck cycle.

  3. Lordy, you've had a hard time lately! I'll see you tonight at the book signing, provided I can find parking somewhere :-P


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