Thursday, August 16, 2007

In which I need constant supervision

Tool Man and I have always shared one cell phone; mostly he had it to use if he was out of the house and needed emergency towing or something. Well, with me working downtown now, we decided to go completely mobile by getting each of us a new cell phone and changing to a shared plan and turning off the land line at home. So we trucked over to the cell phone store, signed the papers, and walked out with shiny new phones (and mine is so tiny, and it's a lovely shade of blue! So cute!) Then I thought, "Hmmmm. I should send an email out telling folks we did this." That, apparently, is where I wrong. Again.

So, I wrote this cute email about the new phones and the changes and the whole shebang. And I sent it out to EVERYONE on my entire email address list.

With the WRONG phone numbers.


  1. Man, I do hope Friday night fixes the curse, or you're still going to have Saturday to get through. (It can't last longer than a week, can it? No, please no!) I'm beginning to think I should give you one of my big blue Greek donkey beads, the kind they use for protection against the evil eye! I do have some real ones...

    Luck. And more luck. And luck again. Sending da vibes. ;)

  2. oh, that is SO something I would do!

    I hope your week turns better soon. We'll get the mojo going tonight!


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