Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swatches are not to be trusted.

This is based on Grumperina's Picovoli sweater on MagKnits. I swatched; I swear I did. I even told you about swatching for this sweater. In that lovely wine-colored Bambu 7 from Woodland Woolworks. I got gauge, and off I went. Ok, so I made a few changes to the pattern. I changed the shoulder increases from KFB of adjoining stitches to M1 increases on each side of 2 center stitches. But that wouldn’t account for this thing being 10 inches smaller around than it’s supposed to be. Did I try it on before I got this far? Sure, just before I started the decreases for waist shaping; and yes, it did fit then. I even made it longer than anticipated to account for stretching in width. I faithfully followed the rest of the pattern, counting stitches and rows. So why is it too small? Because swatches are untrustworthy, that's why. Because now this sweater isn't 7 stitches per inch like the swatch said it would be. It's 9 stitches to the inch. Swatches should be treated as the filthy little liars that they are and kicked unceremoniously to the curb.

Maybe it’ll get bigger if I block it? Gee whiz and gollywhompers! Why didn’t I think of that? But getting 10 inches wider? Not really buying into that plan. Besides, I’ve knit on this damned thing so long, I’m not entirely sure that I can stand to wear it; even if it DID fit. The far too long and way too small of it is, if you want this thing, you’re welcome to it. I don’t care if you block it and wear it, frog off the demonic thing and start something new, or use it as a really nice dustcloth. It just needs to leave my house.

When I threw that awful sweater into the guest bedroom, I started on a Clapotis and I’m almost done with it. I don’t know if I’ll keep it for myself (although it would look stunning with my brown skirt) or put it into the Christmas gift pile.

Since I’ll probably finish the Clapotis tonight, it’s a good thing I fell off the wagon today. Tool Man and I went to Fabric Depot this morning, and these followed me home.

I know, I know, what about my self-imposed yarn diet? Well, sock yarns don’t count as stash; it says so right over there on the left. And the beautiful Lion Brand Romance is mohair that begged to be adopted so it could live near its big sister.

That’s the 17-ounce skein of natural, English, brushed mohair from Woodland Woolworks; her name is "Aigle", from Greek which means "light, radiance, glory". Since the new skein color on the band is "Leaf", I think she should be called "Cloris", again Greek, the name of a minor goddess of vegetation. What? You don’t name your pets?


  1. AARGH! All that knitting and a crummy lying swatch ruins it! TRuly a drag. :(

    Take solace in knowing that you made it through even though it seemed to drag on forever. Then gift it to a niece or someone for Christmas. :)

    I'm going to Woodland Woolworks on Saturday. Hope I can still pay the mortgage afterwards! LOL

  2. That just...nnnnghghghhhhh. Makes you want to run it through a shredder or something. Feelthy little rat bastards, those swatches! 10 inches?!?

    Yes, you needed yarn therapy. Lying swatches negate all promises and plans. Glorious new yarn!

  3. We'll start a "Death to Swatchy" club! I think they lie, too. 'specially in the round...

    Your Clapotis is lovely, and probably good therapy, too. Well, that and buying some sock yarn :)

  4. Oh that sucks! That sweater was so beautiful. :-(

    "Death to Swatchy" indeed! Filthy little liars.

    Love the Clapotis, though.

  5. I understand the filthy lying swatches but mine tend towards being smaller than my garment gauge. So that the garment is typically too big. Grrr.

    But I love your picovoli adaptation, if you decide not to gift it to a neice pass it on my direction.

  6. ARRRRRRGH! That is so frustrating! The color is gorgeous, you have to know someone that it would fit and would appreciate it!
    Yarn therapy is perfectly acceptable in these situations. And that Romance is screaming touch me!

  7. Oh no, Ladies! Here's the plan. We should have a swap for all the garments that we've knitted and they didn't fit!! ....or we didn't like the color on us, or something. I don't like to frog when I'm that close to finishing something.
    What do you think?


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