Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just one more thing . . . .

That's a favorite saying of the attorney I'm working for this week. We've told her that should be her epitaph, "Just one more thing . . . "

Well, here's my "one more thing" for the Booty Bag:

A pair of Clover bamboo needles, US size 5, 3.75 mm, 8 inches long, in a black silk brocade case.

And now, for details on how this Premie Hat Challenge ends:

The challenge goes to midnight on Saturday, October 13, 2007, so on SUNDAY (and not a minute before midnight) send me an EMAIL telling me how many hats you've knitted, and include a picture if you want. My email address is: bobbie_wallace AT comcast DOT net. Then, I'll compile a list of who knit how many, who wins the Booty Bag, and who gets Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mention???? Oh, I didn't tell you about that before? Well, there the 2nd and 3rd place winners get prizes, too!

On Monday, I'll post the winners, the list with pictures, and details of a get-together to collect hats and hand out the Booty Bag and Honorable Mention Prizes.

Now, what are you waiting for, the contest doesn't end until midnight Saturday? GO KNIT PREMIE HATS!

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  1. Woo Hoo! I thought it ended today. So excited I have one more day!

    But here's a question I didn't think I'd have to ask... how do I get these to you now that I'm not driving West every day?


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