Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loose change . . . .

My last post had my answers to a meme, which included the question: "Where do you keep your change?" My answer was that I keep my change in my wallet and poked fun at ToolMan because he keeps spare change all over the house. I won't tell you what he calls his spare change; you'll have to ask him yourself.

At the time, I was working on a shawl I was calling "cable and coin lace". It's now done, ends woven in, washed, blocked, and ready to go to the office with me tomorrow.

Here are the stats: Pattern of my own making, using six-stitch cables (2 left-twist and 2 right- twist) separated by 2 stitchs of coin lace, on a background of reverse stockinette and bordered by garter stitch; unknown amount of yarn of an unknown parentage (salvaged from a Goodwill man's sweater whose tag said it was an alpaca and silk mix; knitted on US 4 needles.

So, as I was blocking "cable and coin lace", I noticed these:

See them; both those places where I have "large coins"? Two places where I forgot to "make change."

Which turned out okay, because I also found this:

Yep, three places where I made too many "small coins." Apparently, I wasn't paying enough attention to my "spare change."

I am convinced by the location of the "large coins" and "small coins" in my finished shawl, that all of these occurred when I was at Monday Knit Night. Apparently, I am capable of deciding what I want to knit, inventing a pattern in my head, working the entire thing without writing down instructions or charting it out, and doing a great deal of it on MAX while commuting. I am not, however, capable of not arsing up my knitting while in the presence of other knitters.

So, "cable and coin lace" has now been re-named. It shall heretofore be known as "Loose Change." I still haven't written down or charted the pattern. If you want one like it, feel free to steal from the pictures. Or ask me to chart it for you. I can do that without arsing it up because I'll do it at home. Alone.

I also finished a pair of Fetching mitts and started a hat from the DROPS website which is so charming named "66-15". I mean, really, doesn't that just perfectly describe this hat?

Andy, is totally unimpressed by cables worked in worsted on US 4 needles. Actually, I think he's just hoping he doesn't have to wear it. The cable section is worked side-to-side and the ends stitched together, then stitches are picked up on one side to knit the crown.

Did I mention that after Monday Knit Night, I discovered a mistake and had to frog off 4 rows and reknit them while on the MAX?

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  1. Yowsa, that's gorgeous! I kind of like the reason for the re-naming; sort of like you could magically pull just the change you need out of your shawl. ;) Hey, it could come in handy if you lost your bus pass! (And boy howdy, I have got to get me to the thrift stores and search through sweaters for recycling. I keep meaning to...) Meanwhile, I'm wondering how many mistakes I'm going to make this Saturday. You know this little problem I seem to have in getting any knitting done while talking, LOL, much less without mistakes!

    Love the pic with Andy Rooney and the hat!


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